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  1. Really? Why didn't you like to HD2. I got mine on Monday and still love it. Capacitive touch screens are simply brilliant.
  2. The easiest way to change Titanium is to use the HomeScreenCustomizer app which you can find for free in the Windows Marketplace. It allows you to add a few new panels like weather, contacts and programs etc There are a wide range of cabs available to run which will add specific panels: http://www.modaco.com/content/i9x0-omnia-h...n-titanium-1-0/ if you go over to forums.xda-developer.com you will find a heap of these types of cabs. You will also need CHome http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=398124 You can als apply themes like to window7 theme, bliss etc which ussually come in cab form. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=504716 Finally, if you want to really muck around and personally customise it to your own special needs, you can edit the Titanium240_400.cpr file (which is just a txt file renamed). It is basic xml an allows you to change what appears on the screen or the lay out. I always change the cpr file so the name of the next appointment appears rather than "calendar". There is some good info here which might also help http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=63086
  3. Hey Jonous! I noticed this as well. If you go back into the new widgets home page, you should get some of the original widgets (like the working weather, google etc) not all of them show up, but it almost makes the Omnia Lite widget screen usable. Michael
  4. Hi there. I am guessing that you have tried the Samsung Keypad? I am not a huge fan of it, but it does meet the sure tap model. I am surprised you don't like touchpal - it is by far my favourite keyboard (particularly with V4 which has much improved word prediction). But each to their own... :D Michael
  5. The TouchPlayer problem was solved a few pages back. Touch player doesn't like the videos which were recorded by the phone. If you delete all of the videos from your DMIC folders, then Touch Player will update your library properly. As an aside, Touch Player now seems to look for embedded album art (rather than Folder.jpg).
  6. Hi Sector - Great work man! Is there an update to taskswitcher? It would be nice to have it working with the new Touchplayer! Cheers, Michae
  7. Hi! I can get most of my library to load - but not the album art (for most albums). It seems to crash just before the end of adding tracks. I cancelled the adding just before the end, and it gave me a useable program (I have albums, artists and songs - just no album art). It has the makings of a great music player :) Cheers, Michael
  8. Hi Kampos, I am also useing Khuanchai's 23060 ROM and I am getting exactly the same issue. Guess there is something special which has been removed from his ROM! Michael
  9. You should search for Picsel Browser (v1.05), It is the best pdf viewer by a mile. Great rendering and smooth zooming and panning.
  10. I had a dual SIM card with my last windows mobile phone, which worked fine. The major problem that I had was in copying the SIM information. I am in Australia, and the program provided to copy the SIM card was not capable of copying the Vodafone SIM cards as they used 128 bit encryption. It worked fine with alternative companies SIM cards (Optus and Virgin), that was about 18 months ago.
  11. I am using 23028 and I am still getting lags on the keyboads (all of them). Did you do any special to get rid of the lags?
  12. Hi Scalen short answer: no. long answer: The iphone is only runing it's basic operating system, where as the touchWiz interface is an additional overlay to the windows operating system. You will always see lags when comparing Windows Mobile to iphone, but the touchWiz magnifies the problem. Firstly, you should look into upgrading you ROM. The newer WM6.5 ROMs have much more finger friendly functions built into the basic operating system, so there is less need to overlay interfaces like touchWiz. You wont be able to do much with the touch screen difference. The iphone has a capacitive touch while we have resistive touch screens. You can tinker with the settings to improve the calibration, but it wont be same as the iphone. If your screen is severly non-responsive - you can look at replacing the digitizor - there is a Sticky'ed thread in this forum discussing how to change the screen. Hope that helps. Michael
  13. You need to go into the preferred list settings, and add the site (ie facebook etc). After accepting disclaimer, you can enter the settings for your account. This program lets you send photos to facebook from you camera. Its pretty neat.
  14. I really like this interface - might just be because its new and shiney. It is a little like a Manilla 2d, Samsung Today 2 and android. It is pretty simple and not very customisable, but seems to be well thought out. It would be nice if they we could get the RSS feeds to work. I wonder how long it will take me to get bored with this home screen :)
  15. There is a separate thread discussing this issue. The screen does support 24 bit. The operating system doesn't. However if you watch a video via TCPMP or Core Player then it will use the full 24 bit colours (apparently accessing hardware directly). This is eveident, if you watch a video on TCPMP v Touch Player there is considerably more banding on Touch Player.
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