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  1. dudegalea

    The official Asus P750 'ask nedge' thread

    An update... Apparently the MD at Expansys saw my blog post, and got involved. I had a long phone call today from Expansys, in which their guy apologised profusely for their handling of the problem, and they issued a full refund.
  2. dudegalea

    The official Asus P750 'ask nedge' thread

    Just to keep you all up to date... I returned my P750 to Expansys on August 22, so they could give me a refund. I enclosed a detailed letter explaining the history and the problems. By September 22, I still hadn't heard anything, so I emailed them to ask what was happening. They replied the next day, and asked for the Post Office tracking number. I immediately sent it to them. By September 27, I hadn't heard anything, so I emailed again to ask what was going on. Today (October 6), I still haven't had a reply, so I have informed Expansys that I will be taking legal action.
  3. dudegalea

    Do I like it or not? I dunno!

    I'm surprised to read comments about this phone being 'bulky'. To me it's the exact reverse. It seems much less bulky than the TyTN II. In fact, when I compare it side-by-side to a K800i, there is surprisingly little difference in size! I ditched Touch Flo in the end. It seems to be a little bit unstable at times; not very often, but often enough. I switched back to the Spb apps (MobileShell and Phone Suite), and the stability problems disappeared. The Spb apps are also more flexible. I am tempted to get the big battery when it becomes available! Though I expect no-one will be able to deny that it is bulky then. :D
  4. dudegalea

    The official Asus P750 'ask nedge' thread

    Today I received my P750 back from this SECOND repair. Guess what? The device is absolutely trashed. There is now a gaping hole next to the voice record button. There are a couple of cracks in the case, as well as some gouge marks. I've told Expansys that I'm not prepared to put up with this any more. Why should I have to keep paying to send the device back for repair when they keep breaking it? How long do they think I'm supposed to wait before I get a working non-trashed device? I've demanded a refund, and told them that I'm prepared to escalate if they refuse. Luckily, I opened the package at work, so I have two witnesses who can confirm that the device was in this terrible state as soon as I took it out of the box. I was already pretty annoyed with Expansys. Now they have lost all my future business. And I bought a lot of kit from them in the past.
  5. dudegalea

    Got mine yesterday..

    Ah-ha! The wakeup events do work on the Touch Pro after all. I added a wakeup event to run EndKey.exe, and it does indeed lock the device when it wakes up; exactly what I wanted. The reason I didn't see this working before is that the device has to be sleeping for at least a few seconds in order for the wakeup event to be generated when it wakes up. So when I tried this originally, I was just switching it off and on again quite quickly, and it didn't work. If I switch off for a few seconds, and then switch back on, then the event fires, and it locks. I don't know whether it's a bug in the ROM that stops the event firing when the device has been sleeping for only a short time, but it doesn't affect me in practise. Anyway, this is a neat solution because it doesn't rely on any extra software being installed, so there's nothing to drain the battery, or interfere with the device in any other way. It's only using facilities that are already installed.
  6. dudegalea

    Got mine yesterday..

    Does anyone know of any decent software that can check battery consumption rate? I know I can just check the battery level over a period of time, but it'd be nice to have something that can measure the rate dynamically.
  7. dudegalea

    Got mine yesterday..

    I need to run some proper controlled tests to verify, but I found that even when the device is asleep, the power consumption is much higher than it is without S2U2 running. Having said that, I'm going to try it installed and not installed over the next few days to attempt to eliminate other factors. I'm not the only person to notice this problem, though. All the comments I've seen about it have come from people who own one of the newer HTC devices, such as the Touch Diamond or the Touch Pro.
  8. dudegalea

    Got mine yesterday..

    Unfortunately, S2U2 severely drains the battery. And I mean severely. I have made a donation to the author, though, in the hope that he can fix it sometime. This is the neatest solution by far, and it'll be great if it can be made to work properly. I also tried VJDeviceLock, but unfortunately the HTC Touch Pro wakeup event doesn't seem to work, so things that are set to run on wakeup don't seem to run at all. Shame.
  9. dudegalea

    Got mine yesterday..

    Ah, thanks. I was trying to find the 'definitive' version!
  10. dudegalea

    Got mine yesterday..

    Ah-ha! S2U2 seems to solve all my problems. I've installed it on my TyTN III, and it appears to work fine. It now has a nice "slide to unlock" bar, like the iPhone. :D I'll report back if I have any problems with it, but this is a positive step. http://handheld.softpedia.com/progDownload...load-52386.html
  11. dudegalea

    Got mine yesterday..

    Still loving my TyTN III. I have slowly unearthed some niggles though. Strangely, they're all in the same area: locking the device. I use the Hold-End-Key to lock the screen and keys. However, this doesn't lock the volume buttons, which is unfortunate because those are the ones that are most likely to be activated accidentally! How hard is it for the designers to understand that locking the keys should lock the keys? All of them! As I've mentioned somewhere else, there's no auto-keylock facility. All I need it to do is keylock automatically when the device is turned on. That would do, because it would mean that if the device wakes up in my pocket (for whatever reason) the keys and screen are locked. At the moment, I have to remember to lock it before I put it in my pocket. If the device is already on, I do tend to remember because I can see it's not locked. But if the device is off, I tend to forget because there's no obvious visual cue that it isn't locked. (As an aside, I discovered that EndKey.exe in Windows\System is the program that locks the screen. If I could get that one to run automatically when the device is turned on, then all would be well, I think.) The flush screen is great for usability, as fingers (and more usually, thumbs) can access all areas of the screen easily. However, the lack of bezel means that when the phone is in my pocket, if it wakes up (and isn't locked! Grr...) then it's much easier for the screen to be inadvertently 'touched' in the wrong place. I've already hung up on someone accidentally while retrieving the phone from my pocket because of this. Actually, I'm not sure locking the device would help in this case, because it seems that even when it's locked, it still allows screen touches to activate the 'answer' and 'hang up' buttons. Again, how hard is it for them to understand that when the device is locked, nothing should work until it's unlocked? That's the whole point of it! Anyway, I'm sure I'll find a solution for these niggles eventually. Still a great phone!
  12. dudegalea

    Got mine yesterday..

    I agree with this. Mine is now on its second full day, and I've absolutely hammered it by playing with all the features. I didn't get it to drop below 50%. Yes, I thought that was a nice touch too!
  13. dudegalea

    Got mine yesterday..

    Mine is fine now too. HSDPA popped up at lunch time, so it's working fine.

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