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  1. Hi I have had moto q for a couple of years and it has begun freezing up on me. I have a 2g storage card but there is plenty of space on it. I use emoze to push email on to my phone, and I usually delete several messages a day. I have tried to clean up my phone using clean temp utility but it still seems to slow down. How does one get rid of crap (old deleted messages, temp files etc) on a moto q? I have enabled the most popular hacks on my moto q but would like to resolve this issue of freezing. Thanks Kash PS: I am sorry if it has been answered elsewhere before. I couldn't locate the right answer.
  2. q5485

    best deal on Touch Pro 2?

    Does anyone know if the htc touch pro 2 will work on old sero plans? I have a sprint moto q that I want to upgrade to htc pro 2 but I also don't want to give up my sero plan (cost: approx $ 30/month). Thanks Kash
  3. Unfortunately the 16 steps outlined above did not work for me. What did work was this command that you put in the command prompt: net localgroup Administrators /add Local Service That worked for me.
  4. q5485

    Need wceload.exe file

    Hi I seem to have accidentally destroyed wceload.exe file which was located in windows directory of my Q. Without it I can't install any cab files. If you have it in your windows directory, can you zip it and send it to me or email it to me? Many thanks K

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