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  1. Any word yet as to when non-UK Graphite owners may get the WM6 upgrade?
  2. Holy hijacked thread, Batman! :) On a more relevant note, I'm sorry to see one casualty occur in the pursuit of WM6 for all Graphite users! Here's hoping the problem will be resolved....
  3. Maybe I'm being obtuse here, but why region-lock the WM6 update? Aren't we all Graphite customers? Don't we all deserve to update our Graphites to WM6?
  4. So is this the same rom that's been available to download for the last couple of days, or have they updated the install utility to take out the checks that stop people from other countries from installing it?
  5. Yeah, mine starts with that serial number range as well. Let's hope there will be a WM6 for our Graphites as well...
  6. Thanks surfichris, I'll do just that! I suspect that the UK/XDA crowd are the first cabs off the rank with WM6 on their Graphites, I'm sure we'll follow soon enough, otherwise the peasants will get very ugly..>!!! :)
  7. Damn! It says my device is not an XDA Graphite! Didn't realise there were more than one flavour of Graphites....!!! Guess I'll have to wait for the Australian O2 version to come out....
  8. Thank you. sir! You are a scholar and a gentleman!!! :)
  9. As far as we know, monkeygadge is the only one who's seeding at the moment (since he set up the torrent), so we need to patiently wait until he's on again, but yes, it would be nice to see the other two who did manage to get a copy back on again. An alternative would be to host it on rapidshare or megafile... I would be curious though, seeing as I'm Australian and have an Australian O2 Graphite, to see if the WM6 released works on more than just the UK Graphites.
  10. Thanks for the torrent. There are already 30 odd people hooked up to it! That's a lot of rejected serial numbers!!! Hopefully we'll be able to upgrade soon... :)
  11. I'm using XP. I think it's to do with our serial numbers not being on the HTC database.
  12. Yep, no letters in front of mine, either. And yes, I am using Microsoft IE, as well. Obviously our batch of serial numbers are not on their database, and it's poor customer service if they can't help us or even give us an alternative way to access the upgrade. I guess we'll have to wait until some kind soul makes it available to us.
  13. The XDA web site is now showing you can update the Graphite to WM6. But the website won't accept the serial number of my Graphite (an O2 Graphite from Australia) to allow me to download the WM6 upgrade. Any chance someone who grabs it could host it for us who can't get it, please? :)
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