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  1. I have found an enormous deterioration in battery life since upgrading to wm6. Previously my Graphite would get me from a full charge at 7am to one or two bars of battery at 11pm whereas since upgrading to wm6 I have seen it go full to totally flat in around 3 to 4 hours just sat on a table with no usage at all(!) After a bit of sleuthing my suspicion is this: when the screen times out to off after 60 seconds of non-use it is not disconnecting wifi like wm5 did. Or (if I remember but I'm now guessing), there used to be an option buried in settings/power control/wifi that allowed this behaviour to be enabled (auto-off wifi on sleep). I can't find that option in wm6, anyone found anything similar or found the setting in wm6? Cheers Crash
  2. I'm not sure if I'm more puzzled the SN authorisation IS working for some or that it's not working for me. For those who successfully grabbed it from the o2 web site (www.my-xda.com) my serial number under the battery and above my IMEI number starts 71A0A.... Does this look at all a familiar pattern to those who could download (or to those who couldn't?) Cheers Crash
  3. I have a genuine UK Xda Graphite, really like it, and just tried to get the upgrade. I'm told by the web site I don't have a valid serial number on my Xda Orbit or Trion. I also note that having entered my serial number when I hover over "continue" my status bar shows me the data will be sent to member.htc.com. Unlike all the other O2 Xda Windows mobile devices the Graphite is made by ASUS not HTC so there is not much point in the O2 web site trying to validate the serial number with HTC. I just spent 30minutes on the phone to customer care who were very polite but totally unable to help, I was talking to a very nice chap (I think in India) but trying to explain I was on my PC not my phone, my serial number really doesn't start with HT and yes I do have the right number, that the Graphite is made by ASUS and not HTC just became too hard so I said thanks and withdrew. My hope was that (a) he might tell someone the website was wrong and (b) he might give me an alternative download location but this clearly wasn't going to happen. Just fyi Cheers Crash
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