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  1. Hi, can anyone tell my why my Orange HTC TyTn II insists on dialing a data connection all the bloody time? The first thing that happens when I turn it on is the 3G connection sets up, I disconnect it each time, then every time I pick my phone up it's dialed another connection! At first I assumed I just had something running in the background, but no. Cheers, Pete.
  2. I wasn't keen on it, I tried TomTom on the mobile once when I got lost in Bloomsbury. Wasn't keen. Prefer something along the lines of Google Earth.
  3. I have tried TomTom on the mobile, but it's too setup for cars, and not enough for being on foot. Any other surgestions?
  4. I'm not after turn-by-turn, I've got a TomTom in my car, just want a decent maps program on the phone so I can work out where I am if I get lost on foot.
  5. Hi, Does anyone know if it's possible to download Google Maps onto the device so it doesn't need to keep downloading them over the GPRS. It looks by far the best GPS application for me, but I don't have an unlimited data package (dam orange!) so can't really afford to download the maps all the time. Cheers, Pete.
  6. Have Orange managed to block MSN Live Messenger? I've been quite happily using it on my Tytn II since I got it, but the last few days I don't seem to be able to connect. It's fine using WiFi, but nothing going through Edge/3G/HSDPA. Any ideas folks? Cheers, Pete.
  7. Thank you all. Now have it working on my phone.
  8. Am having trouble finding it on that site (spent about 45mins looking!) Anyone else got a link? Thanks, Pete.
  9. Hi, I just got a HTC TyTn II through Orange, and once again they have removed MSN Messenger from it. Last time (M3100) I managed to find an install very quickly, and it worked fine. This time, despite numerous posters in forums saying it's easy to find, I can not find it. Could someone please give me a link to a installer for Live Messenger that will work on the Orange HTC TyTn II. Thanks, Pete.
  10. Assuming they ever get the stock back, I'll be getting it for free. I also currently have a c600. I just said I can get it for free on another network, they said ok, and dropped the charge.
  11. I've been waiting about 2 weeks now for Orange to get some stock in. I first called Retentions about 15 days ago now, and am still waiting for stock to come. Anyone have any idea how much longer it's going to be. The people in upgrades don't seem to know, but as I know from years of reading this forum, members here usually know more than the people on 150! Cheers, Pete.
  12. I've just got the C600, wanted the M5000, but £150 is just way too much for me right now, free is much better! I've been away from Smartphones, had the original SPV, and the E200, but then made a bad move to Voda for 18 months. Now back on Orange, and I must say I agree with Paul, they have come on leaps and bounds! It's how I wanted the original one to be when I had it. I do miss the Orange Backup feature actually, thought it was a really clever idea, and worked very well. But if something new is coming, then great!
  13. I just found another topic on here, and have sussed theproblem. I'm using Sygate! If I cose Sygate down completely it works! So on the look out for a new firewall now. Any recomendations?
  14. Behind the window saying 'Retrieving Settings....' it shows 'SPV_600' connected. And in the connection setting on the computer it says it's connected. I am able to send data down the cable to the phone as well, but it won't sync, and I'm not able to get data off the phone to the computer.
  15. Hi, just got a C600, and it doesn't seem to want to sync with my computer. Installed the latest Active sync (4.1), plugged in the phone, active sunc finds it, and opens a box saying "Retrieving Settings...", this just stays on the screen. I've realised that it works via some kind of network connection, so have made sure my firewall isn't interfearing with it. If I open the Acive Sync pannel in the phone while it's connected it tells me to just connect the cable to a computer. I've had Smartphones before, but it's been a while, I had the SPV, and the E200, so I'm just wondering if I'm missing something obvious! Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Pete.
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