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  1. I cant get it work on my Cingular 2125, i can only see the Start bar, and teh shortcuts. Nothing else. ;) :wub:
  2. Awsome application, i patched Worms world party and Midtown Madness and worked like CHARM! Realy simple too use! The only thing is that once the app is patched the graphic games are not that smooth in commparrasion to the original size, but thats a oviouse fact! :D Nice Post! :D :wub: Note.- I used a Cingular 2125, to the guy having problems patching worms, if u whant i can upload teh patched version to see if it works! Greetings! ;)
  3. This calculator is only an online calculatro? I mean cant u use it offline?
  4. Hello! karhoe is the link above ok? Couse the page can not be displayed. And one question more is this tutorial to uprage the Cingular 2125 from WM5 to WM6? Thank you
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