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  1. If the battery is unplugged for a very short time, the time stays on my phone.
  2. Great... my Qtek 8310 forgets the date too. What do they make these batteries from?
  3. I had this problem on my Qtek 8010 after one year and ten months. I claimed the phone in the service center and after few days I got it back with brand new motherboard.
  4. Thanks. This helped ;) I found another problem. I'm playing Flashback and load/save state works quite strange in this game. Saved state somehow always remembers my last movement till the position I died (but the state was saved before) and replays it after load without possibility to do anything. If open the game in older PicoDrive, load this state, save it again and then open it again in masterall version, state is loaded without "replay".
  5. Version 0.43 doesn't work for me at all. PicoDrive just freezes after any rom is opened on my C500. Previous version opens all of them without any problem.
  6. I had all problems mentioned here plus one more. Did you notice C600 has less bass than C500 when using phone as a MP3 player? This was a big let down for me :?: I sold the phone and returned to C500.
  7. Instead of using file:// you can also enter a file path (\storage\something.jar).
  8. Very nice application but I found that profile switching doesn't work when using other phone language than English (i.e. Czech localization). Only a quick list is opened nothing else happens :cry:
  9. Did you sim unlock the phone? No What provider do you use? T-Mobile Did you application unlock the software? Yes With what? SDA_ApplicationUnlock.exe What software did you install? XBar, Resco Explorer, Code Wallet etc. OS: Newest 8010 ROM (QTek
  10. My phone wasn't sim locked. In my opinion this problem will be more provider related. As I have read few days ago Orange has quite big problems with SPV C500 in France and Slovakia. Users weren't able to use gprs connection, receive mms messages and finally even send sms messages for few days. They even stop to sell this phone for a while in Slovakia. Similar problem appeared in Czech Republic two weeks ago. MPx200 equipped with sim card from T-Mobile wasn't able to connect to the internet for few days. Strange.
  11. I'm using T-Mobile (Czech). Does the Telfort sell this phone? T-Mobile doesn’t here. Luckily that problem didn't happen to me for more than two weeks now.
  12. I'm afraid this won't help me. They will flash latest firmware and return the phone with statement that problem didn't appeared while it was in test :)
  13. I bought my Qtek 8010 three weeks ago. I really loved this phone till I figured out it behaves quite strange sometimes. One day I was waiting for a call from a friend of mine but didn’t receive any. I called him later in the evening and found out he tried to contact me more than sixteen times. I had no missed call displayed but for the opposite side it seemed as I wouldn’t want to pickup the phone (phone was ringing till he didn’t end the call). Similar situation occurred few times again later and I figure out some symptoms. When the phone is in this state and I try to make a call, there’s no sound in the earphone and there’s no way how to end this call. Then after few seconds phone hangs. After all it seems this state is started by an incoming call. I tried to upgrade to newest Qtek firmware ( but it didn’t help. Yesterday same problem appeared again. It’s really annoying because for the opposite side it seems as I ignore him and I have no chance to find out who called me. I’m thinking about claming the phone but I had one similar experience with a phone before. When they didn’t see the problem right away they won’t do anything and return the phone as working :?:
  14. I'm afraid the Koss Plug won't get it any better. MPx200 has a crappy audio output with no bass at all :x
  15. No. Try to power off the phone, hold the action button and plug in the USB cable. The screen with master reset question will appear. I don't know if it behaves like this when using a charger but USB cable is also charging the phone when connected.
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