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  1. absolutly lovely man helped me unblock my m700 ::) A*

  2. Its a matter of choice. The most damage from distribution of roms is done when people attempt to install the wrong rom onto their device. Something we sadly have seen a lot of over the years. So if you don't want to risk losing your expensive device then don't. There's also copyright infringement and the end user licence agreements to take into account... ...Still, as long as the forum rules aren't being cut in half with a chainsaw I'm happy to make my own decisions on such things and let others do the same. :) EDIT: oh, and the idea that an unofficial rom is safer then sticking with official releases for your device? Interesting idea, can't say that makes sense to me.
  3. Nice! It's not often networks themselves provide upgrades to the latest major release of Windows Mobile. In fact, I can't remember any! (in the UK at least)
  4. I think you guys are brave putting an official rom on your devices. Seems an un-necessary risk given there's offical WM6 roms available for the HTC Hermes. I'm running the Dopod one on my Vario II and I've been very pleased with the improvement over T-Mobiles old WM5 rom...
  5. I had the lobster 700tv for about three weeks. Loved the DAB radio like others and actually quite liked the tv (signal was good on the bus to work!). Still, predictable enough news. It obviously didn't sell well based on the savage price cutting and I understand the EU recently decided to endorse a different format for mobile tv...
  6. Sorry folks. Discussion is sim cloning is a little too illegal to be within forum rules.
  7. I'm guessing the software you're talking about isn't copyrighted? If so, please take a look at the forum rules. Sharing copyrighted material is against the rules...
  8. No way! An AKU 3.3 update for the Charmer? Makes me wish I'd kept it as was good little device. But then, the Hermes is just that little bit better so I'm happy ;)
  9. If you've got some time on your hands why not check out the my review of Astraware's Hammer Heads game for Pocket PC... Read the rest of the review here
  10. I loved my MDA III (Blue Angel) but am pretty happy with the Vario II (HTC Hermes) these days. As for similarity in size to the HTC Universal, I've used a universal recently and it's definately quite a bit bigger then the Blue Angel. I couldn't have got on with it...
  11. Moved to Pocket PC Help and Advice. Don't panic. You should be able to reflash the device by getting it into bootloader screen and rerunning the update (don't worry about Activesync not recognising the device, it doesn't need to). You can enter bootloader mode by pressing the camera button, power button and then the reset button.
  12. Yes please! Will put it on the back of the Golf...
  13. Hammer Heads for Pocket PC 2002/Windows Mobile 2003/Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PCs One of Astraware's recent releases, Hammer Heads, is a conversion of the popular 'whack a mole' arcade machine. You may know it? A game where the player has to whack as many moles, or similar, as quickly as possible. I must say that this particular arcade game concept never appealed to me, but having reviewed a few of Astraware's titles over the years and found all of them very polished, professional and, indeed, enjoyable I decided to give the game a chance. And am I glad I did! I found Hammer Heads to be one of the most fun and addictive Pocket PC games I've ever played! Why? Read on to find out... ;) The first thing to strike you on running Hammer Heads is the polished presentation. Indeed, even the initial loading screen features crisp and colourful graphics. Once loaded a quick look at the available options shows the usual settings such as being able to turn up or down the sound and or music volume. No surprises there. To introduce you to how to play the game there is a short and simple tutorial. Hit the gnomes as they pop up to break them, if you miss any of them then you lose a life. In case the tutorial wasn't enough the Classic version of the game eases you in softly by explaining the game as it goes along, making it possible to begin playing straight away. Hammer Heads offers two gameplay modes. The Marathon mode is a test to see how long you last in continuous play while the Classic mode features 25 levels of increasing difficulty through an increasing variety of gnomes popping up at an increasing rate until you take on the Gnome King at the end. Each gnome has different characteristics. For example there is a booby trapped gnome that will explode taking some of your life with it if you hammer it. Ignore this gnome, you won't lose any life if you do and there are plenty of others to occupy your attentions! Other gnomes feature their own behaviour such as one which dons a hard hat if you don't hit it straight away and another that is invincible unless you upgrade your hammer. Both game modes are surprisingly addictive and the attention to detail through the variety of different gnomes ensures it won't get old any time soon (I've been playing on and off for weeks!). But the real beauty of the game comes in the extra features Astraware have thought to include. The first gameplay tweak has the player accumulating coins as they progress with which they can purchase hammer upgrades along with extra lifes, faster hammer action(!) and more. There are also bonus levels in which you have to whack as many coins as possible, so helping you to store up enough to upgrade in the aforementioned shop. Finally, and in my opinion the feature that will keep the player coming back for more, there is the trophy room where the player can keep track of achievements accumulated as they progress. As it is possible to create profiles it becomes possible for more then one player to keep track of how they've been doing in the game. Another of the many features which gives the game its longevity and addictiveness. As you've probably gathered by now this game well and truly won me over after initial doubts about the concept. I can conclude the review by stating that this is an incredibly enjoyable game where the fun graphics, sound and music little features will keep you coming back. Whether you like to spend the occasional ten minutes or an hour at a time this is a worthy addition to your software collection. Available from www.astraware.co.uk Cost is $19.95 (note: this excludes VAT payable by UK customers)
  14. Hello all. Great to hear from some of the longer serving lurkers ;) Anyone for gossip about new devices coming to O2 in the UK? Because I've just been told by O2 Business that the release of the XDA Graphite, XDA Trion, and XDA Zinc are all imminent and that the XDA Argon won't be far behind. Wahoo! Meanwhile, hope to catch you all again on the board soon. :D
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