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  1. I can not beleive that anybody jump on that one yet, it is not believeble that you can only choose 1h or 1d, that as to be the biggest flaw in WM5, and not resolved i n WM6... There as to be something that can be done, not a new program because I like to synch the tasks with Outlook? THanks,
  2. I never heard about this (using the left soft key), where is this documented? Is this a featute of WM5/6 or something that came install with your device (BTW what model?)? It does not work on my HTC Titan (6800/P4000), do you have to enable it, how? I have been looking for a 1 button lock all-off / unlock all-on feature or utility.
  3. Bump? Does anyone know about the CTRL key?
  4. Which key is the CTRL, i do not see it on my P4000 (Titan)?
  5. I there a way to tell WMP/Library to start on the storage card and in the My Playlist Filder? Also, can you have a default playlist? tx
  6. I see a lot of informatio about playing movie, but I can not find anything about geting some sample/demo movie, to be able to test the performance of my P4000. Could someone point me out the a site where you can DL movie, preferably in the apropriate format already (no need to convert)? Thanks,
  7. Just got the P4000 (Mogul/6800), and I am new to WM, so I have a dumb question: Since it does not have GPS and I do not want to pay for a data plan, is there a way to save map and use them without a GPS or being connected? I tried Window Search Live Map, but it looks like you have to be connected to work...
  8. Just got the P4000 (Mogul/6800), and I am new to WM, so I have a dumb question: Is there a list of keyboad shortcut, if any (ex cut,copy,paste,undo, switch app...) tx
  9. Great Thanks :P Where did you find it? Also, would you have a dial pad that goes with it?
  10. Does anyone knows about a green WMP skin that would go with the "Window Mobile Green" theme? Looked everywhere, and I could not find it, thanks,
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