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  1. After a couple of stumbles i unlocked my old c550 and can now give it to my son who has an o2 PAYG sim. THnaks for all the assistance posted it was great. ;)
  2. I am looking for a bit of advise as i am def. not technical. I have just ordered the E200. I am upgrading from my old SPV because i want a bluetooth headset to use in the car. I have read that there are some problems. Can anyone advise me 1. What is the bluetooth headset to buy. 2. What is the best in car charger to get. 3. Apart from ringtones waht are the first things i should sort after taking it out of the box.
  3. when i right click on the exe and select shortcut i get an error. but i ahev ordered myself the e200 so i will have another go on this next week. Thanks
  4. i am having difficulty creating the shortcut can anybody help me please.
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