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  1. Hello, has anyone this homescreen for download ? cheers, Peter
  2. It works ... i have not install the modem driver ... that was the error. Now the "pling" are away ... and the phone shows PDA i617UCHH2 Phone i617UCHH2 Many thx! Peter
  3. Hello, oops. thanks .. My phones shows: PDA i617UCHH2 and Phone i617UCGK2 Is this the problem ? i will now read your link many thanks Peter
  4. Since the update to 6.1 wm I now have a regular Pling and I do not know what it means. If the phone is locked this signal is away, when the phone is not locked this pling comes again. (all 30 seconds) What kind of a signal is it ? Can i disable it ? Cheers Peter
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