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  1. I tried two days ago but with no success. Thanks.
  2. Hi Davide, with link2d installed and dalvik (for every user app) moved to sdext it always has cache partition full, i tried to empty cache but after a reboot that was refilled. It seems to allocate there dalvik for system apps. This situation maybe cause the following problem: when i use the market for downloading something bigger then 4/5 mb it says that there isn't enough space. Could you check this? Thanks for your work.
  3. I followed that "guide" but (with amonra 2.2 / t&l metal 2.3.6 / link2sd) it skip sd-ext anyway. it report "error: run nandroid-mobile.sh via adb". Has anyone another solution?
  4. Hi, i've cmw recovery but i'am unable to backup my sd-ext (recovery doesn't found it). Which recovery version did you use? Thanks.
  5. Sure but we have about 100 mb (about 50 from cache and at least 50 from system) to use for data partition, not for apks and dalvik caches (that we can move to sd ext) but for app datas. Thanks for your reply and for your work.
  6. Hi, Has someone found a way to resize metal nand partitions?
  7. Hi, I have two questions: 1) Can i move my cache to sd card on cm7? Thanks. 2) Exists a way to backup my sd-ext from my phone (cmw recovery give says me "sd-ext not found" and isn't true)? Thanks to everybody.
  8. Hi, i've installed cm7 2/3 times but it doesn't ask for pin code and never identify my sim card. Has anyone found this problem? Thanks.
  9. Hi, what about network data? Thanks for your work!
  10. Hi, the fm app in that build don't accept every frequency. For example i can't select 96.6 but it jump from 96.5 to 96.7. Can somebody check this? **************************** Sorry ;). It Works. I've selected the corrected country in settings menu. Thanks.
  11. Hi, the builded fm app don't accept every frequency. For example i can't select 96.6 but it jump from 96.5 to 96.7. Can somebody check this?
  12. Hi, with this rom i can't install apps to sd-ext partition (while i'm able with ss5 and cm7). Which kind of filesystem i need to apply to sd-ext? Have this rom an a2sd or dta2sd script builted in? Thanks a lot.
  13. Hi, with this theme i'll find power widget in notification bar for ss5? Thanks.
  14. http://goo-inside.me/cm/blade/nightly/cm_blade_full-8.zip
  15. Hi, there is a way to add power controls or similar in the notification/status bar using rls4? Thanks.
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