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  1. englefield

    r1 12 May - Google Video Talk Installer

    Working flawless on gs2 ke7 root. Awesome job, Paul. Many thanks!
  2. englefield

    nexus s and 3g signal

    I originally got my Nexus S on Orange for a couple of reasons but one being the online checker said where I live I got the highest 3g coverage possible. When I actually got to try it I found It would only get 3G if I took the phone outside, and then only 1 bar. However, I had an older Tmobile sim still working and due for an upgrade which I tried in the same Nexus S and 3G is very good on it. 3/4 bars even inside the house. Orange contract cancelled and got another Nexus S as an ugrade on my exisiting tmobile contact for free :unsure: Pretty happy now. Those online checkers are full of crap I think.
  3. englefield

    T-Mobile Mobile TV

    So I got a new contract (flext35/webnwalk max) with an Ameo so I could use the net on the move. Great little pda, even if it is a bit on the big side, its great for internet use. Anyways, I tried to subscribe to this mobile tv thing tmob are doing so I could watch the football and rugby at work ;) Now I can get as far as the http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/services/mobile-...etting-started/ page and thats it. Ive logged onto both the T-zone site and the web and walk site and neither of them have the supposed link for 'mobile-tv' or I am a complete retard and just cant find it. Ive even been to the sky site where they list this product in full, but they say you have to go through the t-mobile site to get it....evil circle. I even called tmob and the guy said he would have to look into it and call me back. So my question simply is has anyone managed to use or subscribe to this service yet? Should be able to get moderate quality over HSDPA and with the Rugger world cup coming up not to bad for a fiver :wub: (if I can ever get it to work!) EDIT: just got off the phone to the guy. Apparently you click on a link called '24/7 football' from the web and walk pages as the three tabs dont appear on the Ameo. But at the moment you can only get highlights of sports and not the live feeds as tmob and sky haven't confirmed a deal for it yet (why the hell advertise the product as if its all ready to go then ?!?) Ah well, maybe next month eh.. Cheers, tom
  4. englefield

    whoosh!Cam - View/Share Your PC WebCam

    Great little app, love it. Was just wondering if you are working on a version where you can have public webcams? Would be great to say have my mobile setup at a gig streaming live and have people log into a web browser or the software and choose to view without adding them first etc. Regards, Tom.
  5. englefield

    Paul Reviews.... the HTC TyTN II (Kaiser)

    Hi Paul, Would it be possible to see a couple of pics of the web browser in use on the Kaiser please? Cheers, Tom

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