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  1. Have you tried answering it ? - just a thought.......... ;)
  2. Photoshop.com Mobile beta coming this month. Oddly the software looks like it supports only smartphone devices initially (and only on US networks - possibly only open to US residents ?). Unfortunatly it doesn't offer any type of image editing abilities, unlike photoshop express, just the abilitly to upload, view, & store images on a free photoshop.com account. Good to see a heavyweight like Adobe supporting the Windows Mobile platform though.
  3. Quick update to this one - email back from account manager saying there is no known problems, and asking me to phone tech support. Tried a send/receive again on the handset here and its now sent fine ?!
  4. Thanks for that - strange how this is affecting only some customers - possibly package related ? Its not a config issue, T-mobile have admitted to a problem - and the initial account I had problems with was set-up on an XP box without any ssl/authentication options. I have just tested at work with a varioIII handset on WnW plus with smtp.t-email.co.uk and cannot send via this either - I've also sent an email to our account manager to see if I can get any more info.
  5. Nope, Mick is right - I was troubleshooting a colleagues mail problems at his house ( he uses a T-mobile USB dongle for internet access at home), and smtp.t-email.co.uk was failing with two or three random error messages. After a phone call to T-mobile support he was given pretty much the same answer as Mick, this was at least 3 weeks ago. I've sorted a less than satisfactory workaround now with GMails smtp ( although there is a 'sent on behalf of' in the sender header that only displays on MS email clients - but thats another story !) I couldn't really believe T-mob's lame response to this. People who are reporting smtp.t-email.co.uk as working fine, can you just clarify when it was you last sent successfully ? Thanks.
  6. Krussell do a bike holder for their multidapt range of cases here - No idea what the Krussell case for the Kaiser is like though ........
  7. Thanks for sticking it on the Front page, and rehosting the images Paul, Now if only O2 would sort out their data tarrifs....... :)
  8. MoDaCo member 'mrkipling' writes... Woah, talk about out of the blue! :P So where's the update for existing customers O2! :) P [Edited and moved by Paul (MVP) to news]
  9. Exciting specs, but that image makes them look all rather large devices.
  10. Does anyone have any news on whether we can expect to see a WM6 update for tornado devices, from any of the phone providers/re-branding companies ? I'm not holding my breath about seeing one from I-mate, (given as they no longer sell HTC manufactured devices), but what is the chance of seeing an update from Qtek, or a service provider ? vodafone/O2 etc ?
  11. I had a similar problem after a recent re-flash of my SP5, It would crash after about 1-2 mins after TomTom starting up. Trying to avoid the inevitable of having to contact TomTom customer support, I de-certed my phone as per the instructions here and found by chance that this sorted the problem (not sure why though?) . Hope this helps you.
  12. An oppurtunity may soon be arising, for me to work on the development of a new website for a fairly large Saudi Arabian company. From the little info we have been given, it sounds as if the majority of web access in SA is done via Mobile Phone, and 56k wired access seems to be the norm ( and isn't greatly used). This will mean that we will have to provide a fully functional mobile friendly site as well. I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with using mobile networks in SA, or has any idea to the handsets that are available/sold in SA. Trawling through various google searches doesnt seem to be bringing up a great deal of useful info. any useful input appreciated. TIA. Mark
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