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  1. i found a russian mirror http://acer-club.ru/topic/19789-custom-recovery-cwmrecovery-v6015-%D0%B4%D0%BB%D1%8F-cloudmobile/
  2. This worked for me: MX Player https://play.google.....videoplayer.ad MX Player Codec (ARMv7 NEON) https://play.google.....ffmpeg.v7_neon Ok and now the bit you have to do (on every vid?) -click in the screen to bring up the menu. -make sure it says HW in the toprighthand corner -click on the musical note next to HW and deselect "use h/w audio decoder" your sound should now be in sync with your vid. Min's looking good at 720 you could also install this. Set it to "Performance" AnTuTu CPU Master (Free) https://play.google....u.CpuMasterFree looeee
  3. Seems to do the job ... you get a rooted rom with ICS launcher as an option and loads more internal space
  4. yes totally! apps like tina timelapse need tripods for best results
  5. Paul's rooting guide is not an option, as I explained in the 1st post because the CID generator website is down :lol: @Eddy, that's good to hear that it might not be my HBOOT that's the problem
  6. And now I've tried on Ubuntu and Win7x64 To the people who have just been saying "it worked for me" have you tried on a UK o2 HBOOT 93 ? The unrevoked program just sits there waiting without recognising that I have done as it asked, enabling usb debugging and connecting
  7. Hmm thanks for the suggestions but ... Well I plug in the phone, enable USB debugging, and unrevoked just sits there doing nothing. Tried on Windows, tried on Debian. Nothing. It is a standard o2 froyo rom. Any other suggestions?
  8. Hi I have a new Desire Please correct me if I'm wrong with my understanding Before I can Flash the phone I need to root it I have HBOOT 00.93.0001 so I need to downgrade it to do that, I need to use the CID generator here http://ks33673.kimsufi.com/misc/ That website has been down for a month or so. Does that mean that I can't use custom roms? looeee
  9. I failed at step 2 the website is down :lol: is there another CID generator?
  10. there is no such program on smartphone O/S This software sounds nice. A lot like surrealstart which never got updated for 320x240 screens, an app from the days that I really miss.
  11. the FM radio is on the non-US model
  12. I have an s730 and now have a s740 before I begin, I don't see the point of the slidey out keyboard, t9 is perfect. It is only once a week that I ever pop open the keyboard despite having had the 730 for a year. on the s730 I can type away on the t9 and when I need a word that I know it won't find, I flick the keyboard open with my thumb, type the word, close it and continue in t9 if I hold the s740 in my right hand then the keyboard is impossible to open without turning the whole phone. Also when I hold the phone when it is closed and i type with my right hand, my fingers curl around the back of the device pushing the keyboard open a little so the shole thing wobbles as I grip it. When I close the 740 it is no longer in t9, as is was before. Have I missed some settings? Is it just me? The rest of the keyboard has taken a while to get the hang of, but it has to be the worst one since the lobster's what does it take to get a well built candybar without a gimmicky keyboard with all the lovely internals of this phone? aaargh rant over looeee
  13. OK, windows live uses intermediate driver and you need this http://www.modaco.com/content/smartphone-s...-on-smartphone/ for everything else
  14. How do I set programs like windows live, wififofum and tomtom to use the internal GPS?
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