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    huawei u8300
  1. znial

    Huawei U8300?

    all right i am doing do that but have a doubt if i replace the white with black color on notificationbar pngs the clock being invisible? ty for the support edit i get it working, but there are a lot of job to do (the text are black on black bground) have you a framework that work instead of the original one? ty again for ur patience
  2. znial

    Huawei U8300?

    success in rooting with z4root (ty for the suggestion) the app in the mediafire archive aren't working (i tried several but not all) and are impossible to install i'd like to change the withe/silver notification bar on the top with one black and flat... but i think it is impossible at the moment, tried some metamorph but failed, tried whit framework-res.apk replacing (in rooted with rootexplorer and with reframe.sh method find on xda) but semi bricked my phone, lucky were that the update from original stock rom works (i find it somewhere here on modaco) and now i am at the start point... i hate this white bar...
  3. znial

    Huawei U8300?

    i am interested in u8300 development but i am a total noob on android... point me somewhere... please! (first time on the android place of modaco)
  4. Device Name: HTC S730 (WINGS) Operating System Version: Windows Mobile 6.5 STANDARD ROM type: CUSTOM ROM
  5. could you make a cab for this skin? i'll appreciate a lot thanx in advance mate
  6. znial

    MWC 2009: Microsoft launches 'Recite'

    i am tryng this app on my htc s730 now... it is really cool and fun
  7. znial

    BenQ E72 - which versions in the wild?

    ty for the info... i have visited your blog... very interesting!! big ups
  8. znial

    BenQ E72 - which versions in the wild?

    i have the same phone as the one of renesis22 some things 5) you could dwnload pdf manual on turkish benq site... the manual is in turkish T_T" 9) srs wow doesn't work on mine, wm5storage doesn't work too (i had unlocked with firstinstall cab and unlock enable cab) anyone that have the asian initflashfiles.dat could share it with us?
  9. znial

    Benq E72: No Headset or Car Profile?

    you are right, my qtek 8500 (wm6) has no profile headset too but my htc s310 (native with wm5) has the headset profile (till i upgraded to wm6.1)
  10. this second is cool, i hope you will release for portrat too :rolleyes: why grey? why black? it could be nicer if you make mostly white, more visibility, more stylish (with black flat bars)
  11. znial

    BenQ E72 Subforum - please vote

    i want it :rolleyes: imho it could be the right start point to develope something interesting...
  12. znial

    Benq E72

    don't know... i tried to install srs wow but it doesn't work... :lol:
  13. znial

    BenQ E72 Application Unlock Guide

    i am hoping in a cooked wm6.1 too.. the only thing that we need in this smartphone to became a real good device!!! prey for some cooker interest :lol:
  14. znial

    Benq E72

    you are welcome and really kind! :lol: abaut the adaptor, have you tried with something like THIS? could it works? where to find? ^^ /ot circa Paul UP!! :D:D:D:D (i know we are few... but we ar good and very motivated ^^!)

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