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  1. Richie M

    Longhorn M5


    Features PC installer with sound, includes 2 versions of the Homescreen and a special version of Richie M's Alarm plug-in. Also, the Analog version of the _Homescreen includes Twyx's LCD _plug-in to display an Analog clock instead of the standard numeric clock. The system screens are included along with a nice WMP skin. Includes the Windows Longhorn Start Up Sound as well! Comments This was created before the ability to skin the Program Menu, Start-up and Shut-down screens was discovered, but this doesnt distract from a homescreen that was designed to and gives your phone that Windows feel. 4th in the series, and the best, and probably the largest Multi Screen Homescreen.


  2. Richie M



    Features Installs via a .hme Large Mutilscreen Homescreen. Comments 2nd in my Windows Look and Feel series, again created before extra screen skinning was common place. Download


  3. Richie M

    Windows XP


    Features Installs via a .hme Large(ish) Multiscreen Homescreen. Windows look and feel. Comments My first ever public release homescreen, created before the Extra Screens where skinned.


  4. Installed and plays fine on C500, Storage Card, its just a pity I'm so crap at it :D Looks wise its spot on, well done :D
  5. When i've been in a call and using TomTom (very annoying tho as i missed my turn and had a 30 mile detour :D) I just hit the back key to return to TomTom
  6. As Stu says, if this is definitely for Smartphone (Windows Mobile Smartphone edition :D) I'd gladly offer my Beta tester service :D
  7. Doh just found the funky "My PA" ("My Assistant") :( WE ROCK :) hhhmmm ok I must be tired, i can now see a "View New Posts" link next to My MoDaCo :roll:
  8. I like the new look :) but miss the "View posts since last visit" on the portal :( as its v.usefull for moderating
  9. I havent forgotten about you guys :( I've just been really busy with work & stuff atm :roll: I am working on a recode of this, a rewrite of the whole thing! once i get the basic version up and running i'll see what i can do for different key sequences :)
  10. grrr I should think so too Chucky :D The "Read Registry" error is created basically because you have not set the alarm since the hard reset, the registry key for the alarm isnt written untill it is set at least once - therefore if its not there the plug-in cant read it :( BTW I'm in the process of recoding the 2003 version of the plug-in (but have ran into a few problems :roll:) so keep your eyes peeled for a new version :( "There is a one version on the net" if you downloaded it from somewhere else what do you expect :) I only post here and other sites steal it :P so shame on them and you for going elsewhere :(
  11. er talk about pointing out the obvious :roll: Orange not Confucious :)
  12. You can burn Mac compatable CD's with Nero and the like, burn them as HFS not ISO :D if i remember rightly a .sat is a Stuffit Expander file, like a zip file for Macs, you can extract it with the PC version of Stuffit but i'd advise you to just burn the file on to a HFS disk :lol:
  13. Has anyone managed to work out how you draw/paint a gradient? I've had a look through the include folder and gradients seem to be supported in wingdi.h but i havent got a clue on how to use it :roll: And the only thing concerning gradients and Smartphone i can find on the net is for Managed applications with CF
  14. Welcome to the site :lol: Try posting in our sister forum http://phoneedition.modaco.com for Pocket PC related stuff :D
  15. Woohoo, I've been off-line for a few days and come back to this :lol: I too had the poleasure of using Midnights N1 at the meet, and i must say; IT ROCKS Def one to get (once i sell some organs or something :D). (Well done to Alien Invention on the blinding version of Eclipse, and getting packaged with the phone. I hope Orange/MS/Qtek/HTC/etc etc are taking notice ;))
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