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  1. Thanks for that mate, got the 2.1 version hardware and was trying and trying this with no luck, so used the files from http://xiaoyi.querex.be. Problem for me is I ALWAYS get "Camera turned off". I set it on via the app, and make sure the cam is on, but always get this. I've the CN 2.1 hardware version, really dono what to do now. Any ideas guys?
  2. Hey Paul, I'm still unsure about the 5.5 screen for me. It's the only thing. I had 4.7" M7 and 5" M8. Any chance you can do a comparison photo with a few 5" devices (side by side)? Just to get a feel. Is OxygenOS like CM? Which do you prefer? Thanks, Darren.
  3. Have you restarted your phone since making any network settings changes?
  4. Hey folks, Just got my HTC One (M7) ... wow! Anyone know have a good desktop docking station for the HTC One? Seen a few but would like to get first hand advise from anyone here. Also looking at a slim case/skin, that still shows off the lovely design of the One. Any recommendations welcome :) Thanks, Darren.
  5. Hi guys, I am very new to rooting and need a little advise please. I have rooted my HTC One S, TeamWin recovery (twrp217.img) ... So to my question... am i able to install new HTC android updates to my phone? I have an update ready to download and install for the HTC One S, and it apparently fixes a known WiFi dropping issue i have. So when i download this update (via software updates on the device), and it tries to install it, the phone reboots but it seems to boot into the TeamWin recover img, instead of installing the core updates? I have read that i need to flash the "stock" recovery image first. Is the ville_recovery_signed.img attached to this topic by paul the img i need? Is the "ville" the same as the HTC One S? When Pauls says: >> I have also uploaded the stock recovery should you wish to flash it (e.g. for OTA). So, when i flash this stock recovery, can i then proceed to apply the OTA updates? Really appreciate a reply on this, just new to roms and flashing. Thank a lot. Darren.
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