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  1. Paul any chance you can make an update zip with the desire z camera app in there like you did for the nexus one when it first came out? we all know the htc camera app is way better than the stock froyo app.
  2. I need some help with a look that i'm going for... this is what i have so far Captured_2.bmp Captured_3.bmp Captured_4.bmp Captured_5.bmp i need to know the name of these backround images so i can change em from brown to black... Captured_8.bmp Captured_9.bmp Captured_10.bmp
  3. there is no diffrence its the same thing after the one month it just stops working till you pay for it. can you send me that cab you have please? also does it allow you to search for a bluetooth gps reciver?
  4. I have a T-Mobile Shadow and I have a GPS reciver, i've paid for telenav, but i want the updated version of the software for smartphones which is 5.2, i can't seen to find it on there site all i can find was 5.1 for the q so if anyone has the cab file for 5.2 could please post it here or emial it to me at [email protected]
  5. i don't they mean fool t-mobile to think your on a myfav, i think what they did is to fool the phone into thinkin you have a myfav plan, so myfav shows up on your phone. thats it
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