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  1. Paul, if you're looking for the next thing to tweak--I wouldn't know where you'd start, but--as I've complained elsewhere (there's a whole thread on it), the speed and accuracy of Microsoft VoiceCommand running on the Wing are both MUCH worse than the same app's performance on the Imate Jam. Fix that and you'd be in line for a Nobel.... ;)
  2. Driekus--I know better than to cheer before actually trying it, but after reading your post I'm gonna try AEB+. I've either looked at or tried so many other button mappers/task managers; they all seem to do too much that I don't want (e.g., Today screen enhancements) and not enough that I do (extensive button mapping, good task manager). AEB+ sounds good. More after giving it a drive....
  3. Re: Question #1 in my previous post...nevermind. I figured out why I didn't get ~20MB free RAM like other people after implementing your awesome pagepool modification: I had already made several registry tweaks that are *supposed to* improve performance, and these were using up my RAM. So after playing around with them tonight, I left them at the values below, providing 12-15MB of free RAM at startup: 1. glyphcache: 16MB (default=8) 2. fatfs cache: enabled, 8MB (4MB datacachesize, 4MB fatcachesize) (default = disabled) 3. replstorecachesize: zero (=default) So if I crank 1 & 2 back to defaults, I can reclaim more RAM. It's not really clear that these tweaks are improving performance at all. Could it be that WM6 is already pretty optimized as is?
  4. Paul, you're my HERO! Thanks so much for this. I was starting to get frustrated about having bought the Wing. Then I found your guide, followed the instructions, and it worked flawlessly. I've got a reasonable amount of RAM available for running apps now (~12MB)--and lo and behold, I can actually *use* the camera. 1. How are some people getting >20MB of free RAM? 2. Now, if we could just get VoiceCommand to respond as promptly as it does on my Imate Jam.... ;-) Thanks again.
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