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  1. She's only an ex since after it happened, but yeah her phone is still the weakest link. I just wanted to be 100% sure they were talking crap before confronting her: Seeing as it resulted in a break-up even though it wasn't really directly her fault. and I guess it is, it's my number lol. It seems to have calmed down, but if it starts again I'll certainly be doing that >.<
  2. I think it was from the phone of my (now ex) girlfriend. it had to be from her, she;s the only one they know who has it. When I confronted her on it, she denied it but either way my suspicion made me realise that perhaps I don't know her well enough... so we broke up Damnit >.<
  3. Nope. These are people from Anonymous Anti-Scientology raids. I'm not dumb enough to give my number out around them (and I certainly don't remember doing it), and they LIVE on the other side of Scotland from me so the chances of it happening elsewhere are slim. Plus I only do calls like that in my house, I'm 15, I don't get many.
  4. There you go. I've never had it on near them anyway, unless they've passed me while I was listening to music and happened to have discoverable left on and managed to do it without me realising, and recognised me despite the fact they've hardly ever seen me unmasked... Damnit >.< Now I have a difficult confrontation ahead of me >.<
  5. Yeah that's about right. And I've never had bluetooth on near them, plus I'd have had to accept the transfer wouldn't I?
  6. Basically, a few people i really don't get on with have got hold of my mobile number. They're saying that the way they got it was because I used a SIM they knew the number for in the same phone. If anyone understands this sort of thing, I'll put details bellow. It's kinda a general question which is why it's here Phone: HTC Kaiser SIMs: T-Mobile contract personal, O2 PAYG, for when I don't want my contract to be given out. What they're saying is, they somehow used the O2 number to find out the T-Mobile number from my phone. They have never had access to the phone, I have never actually had a text or call on the O2 number. I think it's bullshit but can somebody tell me for sure
  7. It beats the i900 in a few specs... plus TouchFLO 3D And get this instead of the iPhone 2 unless you need the extra storage or bigger (but lower res) screen... 1) coolsmartphone.com has videos of this 2)press the dial key and I believe you can set up speed dials as usual...
  8. How? the strap isn't attacked to him at all, as far as I can see...
  9. ...Wait and buy a Raphael... since you want one anyway.. .thinness is the Diamond's only advantage really, aside from cost.
  10. O.o fair enough... I can barely do it with TouchPal!
  11. Jeezuz... I'd be SO scared to do this... I have considered strapping it to my arm but the keyboard opens the wrong way to make it practical lol. I saw a guy on a bike the other day take a hand off the handlebars and take what looked like a TyTN II OUT OF HIS POCKET! He started using it! With one hand. On a bike! It might have been a N95-8GB but STILL!
  12. Cut the attitude and I might stop bothering you every time something halfway bad happens to me. back on topic... Yes these devices aren't laptop replacements, but I use my Kaiser in other rooms when watching TV or when i can't be assed booting my laptop up. I often use them side by side because my laptop refuses to multitask. And I haven't downloaded e-mail to my computer in about 3 weeks. It's all on my kaiser.
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