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  1. I just happen to be wandering around the Microsoft site and found a new version of ActiveSync, now version 3.8, released on January 6, 2005. I downloaded it and it seems to run fine with my I600, but I'm not sure what Microsoft added/fixed in this version. If anyone has any comments/feedback on this version, please post here. You can download it her: ActiveSync 3.8
  2. I believe I am trying to do something similar and having the same problem. I wanted to reorganized all the stuff in the Start folder into something that was more logical for me, but when I try to move most of the files, I get an error message saying I can't.
  3. As I read about many of the new cool MS SmartPhone and MS PocketPC Phone devices coming out this year, I notice that so many of them (virtually all) are for the GSM/GPRS market. I currently use a Samsung i600 which is on Verizon CDMA. In the U.S. the wireless carrier with the largest footprint is Verizon (CDMA) and some might say that second is Sprint (CDMA). T-Mobile, Cingular and AT&T are GSM/GPRS and I know that most of the rest of the world is GSM/GPRS. It really sucks to see so many great new devices coming out that won’t operate on the largest U.S. networks. It just pisses me off that the U.S. had to adopt a standard that is not used by most of the civilized world. No matter what T-Mobil, Cingular and AT&T say, it's going to take years and years and years to get to the coverage Verizon has now...and during that time, Verizon will probably be continuing to build their network. I’ve heard all the arguments about how CDMA is suppose to be better than GSM (I live in San Diego home of Qualcomm and CDMA so everyone is a CDMA nut around here), but I like to point out that Betamax was better than VHS. Anyway, I’m just venting. I wish I could get the new Motorola stuff on Verizon or maybe the new HP PDA/Phone, but no luck for me I guess :P
  4. Thank you mark_k for the excellent suggestion, but unfortunately I made that change before posting. Travelfeet your comment is quite interesting, only thing is that even when the phone closed and placed in the sync cradle, ActiveSync will also “wake up” on its own from time-to-time. Never-the-less, this is an interesting suggestion and bears further observation. Just another strange “feature” of this phone…we love to call them “features” in the software industry to cover up for the real reasons like bugs or poor design.
  5. The more I research and read comments on other boards about Modem Link, the more I get a sinking feeling someone at Microsoft, Samsung or Verizon either intentionally or accidentally did not include the Modem Link option in SmartPhone 2003 on the Samsung i600. This is so typical of the crappy level of support (now it’s a lack of software feature continuity between versions) for the Samsung i600. What a comedy of errors this past year as Samsung and Verizon try to deliver the SmartPhone 2003 upgrade to the i600 users or even provide some minimum level of competent support. It’s seems that these two companies have no experience properly supporting software applications. Compared to these two bone head companies, Microsoft does a fantastic job. Months of delays, incomplete/inaccurate upgrade instructions, lots of bugs and now this “Modem Link incident”…I guess it will take years for these hardware/wireless companies to learn how to properly support software applications.
  6. Running SmartPhone 2003 on i600 and ActiveSync 2.7.1, Windows XP Pro on PC. Many times I just want to place my phone back in the charging/sync cradle to charge the batteries. I don’t want to sync or even wake up ActiveSync which then wants me to launch Outlook, etc. I’ve looked all over for settings that that would allow me to place the phone back in the cradle without waking up ActiveSync but no luck so far. Not to mention, I’m constantly having to fiddle with pulling the phone in and out of the cradle or flipping open or closed the phone to get ActiveSync to settle down and properly sync when I actually do wan to sync. I was hoping these issues would have gone away with SmartPhone 2003. Has anyone else experienced these strange ActiveSync occurrences or have any suggestions?
  7. Running SmartPhone 2003 and notice that the Samsung I600 will just “light up”. I was watching the phone today, it was sitting on my desk, turned on, out of the cradle and was open. From time-to-time the screen/keyboard would simply light up, stay lit for a short period of time then it would go back into its screen-off power saving mode. There was no incoming call, no voice mail notification, no messages, etc. I've notice something similar when the phone is in the charge/dock cradle and flipped open. The phone seems to "wake up", which then wakes up ActiveSync. This happen to anyone else?
  8. I just upgraded to SmartPhone 2003 and was looking for information on how to use my i600 as a modem with my laptop when traveling. I specifically wanted to connect to my laptop via the IR port on the phone and the laptop. I found an article while back that spoke to this very issue. Here is a link: http://usatoday.jiwire.com/samsung-sch-i60...bleshooting.htm But now when I follow those directions using SmartPhone 2003, the Modem Link function under Accessories (Start-More-More-Accessories) no longer exists. I also saw similar directions to do the same thing on this website, but they seem to refer to SmartPhone 2002. I wondered if anyone might have a solution?
  9. I was able to upgrade successfully from 2002 to 2003 on the first try, however, I found many incorrect parts of the installation instructions and very stupid mistakes. For example, one of the steps in the installation process listed on the Verizon website clearly says that you must use ActiveSync 3.7 because they say that ActiveSync 3.7.1 will not work. OK no problem, but then they give you a link (ActiveSync 3.7) from their website to the Microsoft site where you can download...you guessed it...ActiveSync 3.7.1. So if folks are not paying close attention, they will just trot along and could easily download and install ActiveSync 3.7.1 I'll tell you, these buttplugs at Verizon, from the way they have handled this upgrade and their other crap, certainly do not have experience in providing quality support for software applications.
  10. calzon65

    SPeed dial voicemail

    Just a tip about programming a speed dial code to check your voicemail. I have traveled in Verizon service areas inthe U.S. that DO NOT support the quick dial code for voice mail (I don't remember what it was if it's *86, *87, etc. but that doesn't matter). My main point is that there are still some Verizon areas of the U.S. where if you enter the speed dial code to dial your voice mail and you are ROAMING out of your current area, it won't connect you to your voice mail. To solve this problem, I programmed my voice mail redial number to be my actual cell phone number, and yes I added all the pauses, password code, etc. and it works perfect, even when I'm roaming in those Verizon areas that are kind of "incompatible".
  11. Could someone point me to some information that could help me make changes to my Verizon i600 default screen. For example, I want to change the default "quick launch" icons along the top left of the screen. Some of the icons I want to remove like the Internet Explorer and get rid of the Draw Poker icon. Actually, I would love to setup just a few icons up there, have them remain in the same spot and not even have my most recent applilcations' icon show up on the list. Also, I want to change "Contacts" button on the bottom right of the screen to something else like maybe "Calendar" and launch the calendar function instead.
  12. I posted this earlier in the Microsoft Smartphone forums, but I thought I would also post here incase Microsoft and/or Samsung reads this. I hope there are a lot more things Microsoft fixes in Smartphone 2003. I’ve had my Samsung i600 for less than a week and I am appalled at Microsoft's crappy implementation of a cell phone operating system. You would almost think the developers of Smartphone 2002 never had a cell phone before. Here’s an idea…it’s called reverse engineering you guys. Get one each of the most popular 20 cell phones and see what features the cell phone companies add to their phones. Compile a matrix and at the very very very minimum give us those basic features BEFORE you add PDA and other functionality. This is so easy, get a clue. How about the ability to add pauses and/or a password or other codes to the dial strings so when you call your voicemail you don’t have to enter your password. What about those people who want to use calling cards? Get a clue…these features have been in basic cell phones for over a decade. Maybe you should hire a product manager from Motorola, Nokia or one of the cell phone manufactures who have actually managed the feature set of a popular cell phone. How about giving us some reasonable options to the security settings and not something simple like lock the phone after xx minutes. Seems like a “screen saver” type security feature you find in PC’s. Here’s one, what if you just want to enter a password to “unlock” the phone after you power up, or maybe you just want to enter a password to “unlock” to dial out but not to receive a call. Crap, there are lots of combinations and here is a revelation…these types of security features/combinations have been in cell phones for over a decade. How about some reasonable features for the Task manager. That is a total joke, all you have is a list…give me a break. I’ve already seen a number of posts complaining about the Task features. So why does T9 only work for the description of a Task, why not for the description of a Calendar event? Bitch bitch bitch, I know I’m complaining a lot and before all the lovers of Smartphone 2002 tell me to just send back my phone if I hate it so much; I’m bitching because there is something to bitch about and I want Smartphone to be a good product. I want a cell phone and PDA and what I’m asking for is pretty basic stuff. Bottom line, get your act together Microsoft and as I said above, build something that at least has the basic features we expect and get from cell phones… then add all the fancy stuff. Steve
  13. calzon65

    VoiceMail reminders

    I've been looking for the same feature but no luck. The one thing I have started to realize is that the Microsoft people who designed Smartphone 2002 (maybe 2003 I haven't seen it yet) were either not familiar with the “traditional/expected” cell phone software/features we get from cell phone manufacturers or intentionally left out these features. I hope it is not a third option that they were so ignorant that they left this kind of stuff out. You would think they have cell phones of their own and have some reasonable reverse engineering group to learn the features cell phone manufactures have been programming into their software for years. Wake up your Microsoft idiots and give us at least what we get in traditional cell phones before you try to program the “fancy” stuff.
  14. I activated the Phone Lock mode under Security. It's pretty simple, you select the timer/delay (e.g., the amount of time before the phone "locks"), then you add a password and your done. It's similar to setting your Windows PC to lock the screen after a certain number of minutes of inactivity. Here is the problem, even though I set the Lock Phone After to 30, 60 or more minutes, the phone still “locks” after a very short amount of time, maybe 3 to 5 minutes (I have not timed it yet.) Has anyone else seen this problem and/or is there a fix?
  15. I have noticed the exact same issue. I wonder if it might have anything to do with activating Security (e.g., Phone Lock).
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