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  1. dnbware

    NEED HELP, i brick my vox

    Hi i've got the same problem, and yes i'm sad too... I've been trying to find a solution, but so far nothing yet. However I did read somewhere that flashing the original rom (mines Orange NL) should work. The problem is i can't find it anywhere.
  2. dnbware

    How good is Dr. Gonzo's 6.1 rom

    Hi everyone, does anyone have the original orange e650 NL rom? I crashed my phone and I need the original rom to get it out of the bootloader screen. Thanks in advance!
  3. dnbware

    Unlocking/Reflashing E650 to S710

    Hi everyone, i flashed my E650 to the HTC 1.34 ROM and just loved it. It was faster and more stable, too bad it lasted only 3 weeks. My phone doesn't start up anymore and is stuck in the TSOD (Tri Screen of Death, found the quote on other forums :D ). I read that flashing the phone with an original orange rom will help, but.... Orange doesn't post any roms on its website for the E650 (dutch)?!?! does anyone have an original orange E650 dutch ROM? I would really like to unbrick my phone.
  4. thanks for the version without facade! works great Edit: almost great... for some reason the LCDphone alarm plugin pops-up after 2 min of inactivity (like a screen saver). Its not very annoying but any idea how to stop it from doing so?
  5. Hi, great app! Works on a HTC S710 (Orange SPV E650). Only the screen doesnt fit very well, and it doesn't like landscape mode when i slide out my keyboard. But it works and does its job :(. Thanks!
  6. dnbware

    VOX is a nice overclocker

    Hi i've got the same problem while running omapclock. Does anyone know if unlocking your E650 vox (orange) voids your warranty?

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