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  1. HEy all, Has anyone flashed their SPV M700 to WM6 and if so how easy was it? am pretty handy with computers having BIOS flashed my Core 2 and OC'd it to death but it's my first PDA/smartphone and dont want to fry it as only just got it from Orange!! Is there any real benefit from upgrading(?) to WM6? Is it faster/better? What are the realistic chances of frying something on the phone by flashing the ROM from WM5 to 6?? etc etc Cheers!! J
  2. m700newbie

    Orange data - advice wanted

    is anyone else totally confused by the terms and conditions???!?!?
  3. m700newbie

    Orange data - advice wanted

    Hey there!! I just got my first smartphone/PDA today and it's a SPV M700 on orange... i did some research online and went into the shop as needed a new phone in a rush, so thought the shop was the best effort at next day phone deal. I asked in-store about the £8 30 MB bundle and the store reps knew absolutely nothing about it and the magazines/catalogues in-store did not have it listed at all! anyway long story short, they phone up customer services and they just tack it onto the contract (don't know about PAYG) at £8 monthly. It's ideal for picking up emails and some light web browsing but noone could tell me what happened if i was to go over the 30MB limit.... not ideal but went for it anyway!! i have only had it a day so i'll post back in a week ro so when i get some use on it.

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