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  1. got to system/media and delete the bootanimation.zip, that should get rid of any custom boot animations and get him back the original one!
  2. Do you have a folder on your SD-Card Voodoo/disable lagfix ? If yes delete it. If no, enter recovery mode (turn device off and push volume up + home + power together until recovery mode comes up) and go to voodoo options and turn it on...
  3. Turn the phone off and go into recovery mode (press volume up and the center button and then power and hold all down until it enters recovery mode) wipe the cache and try again, if it still doesn't work go back to recovery and do a factory reset.
  4. OK, the stock music app is working, but you'll have to replace the galaxy s music app. Instructions (with Root Explorer): - Go to system/app and move Musicplayer.apk and MusicPlayer.odex to a backup folder (somewhere on you SD)(if it doesn't work, click the "Mount R/W" button at the top) - copy Music.apk to system/app - click and hold until the menu opens up, click permissions and change them to the following: And that's it! Works now with the desk clock app (but you might want to reboot)! Music.zip
  5. I have pulled some Google apps from the latest Cyanogen Mod and tried them on my SGS running Froyo (JP6). They are running fine, so I thought, I should share them with you! Instructions: - you can install them like normal apps (just open the apks) - for car home you'll need to install both apks - for the desk clock you'll probably also need the genie widget (for weather) Bugs: - the music tab in desk clock doesn't do anything (check the 2nd post) Some pictures: (BTW: I modified the first shortcut, as well as the 5th one :P you can choose whatever you want there) CarHome_DeskClock_GenieWidget.zip
  6. Have you tried using ADB to get into recovery? "adb reboot recovery"
  7. If you are under Linux you can use Heimdall instead of Odin: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=755265 PS: Apparently it works under OSX now too...
  8. That's the carrier customization, that's why yo won't find it on xda :) JM8 appears to be the most stable right now (I personally wait and see how JM9 is, since a couple of people report problems): http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=780867 You of course void you warranty by flashing (I guess you know that). You can always connect the Galaxy to your PC with Kies and let it update to the newest firmware (if there is a newer one) and just use OCLF like I said before. The lagfix already does wonders to the phone. If you choose to flash you'd have to choose the OXA csc, it stores carrier specific information (for network access and stuff like that). It's best to read a good deal on xda before you actually try something.
  9. You should probably head over to xda-developers (the i9000 dev forum) and flash the JM9 firmware, which seems to have the best GPS performance. There is a sticky there which explains how to flash. There are some beta Froyo builds floating around, but I would not recommend using them since they're by far not bug free. After you flashed go to the market and get the OCLF 2 (http://www.appbrain.com/app/ryanzas-oclf-2-0/com.rc.QuickFixLagFix) and root your device and then apply the lag fix, this gets rid of button lags and slow internet performance etc.! I have a cheap generic car mount and it works fine with the cable on top... Oh and about mass storage: once it's connected, drag down the notification bar and click on the mass storage notification, which then mounts your storage on your pc and you can access it from there.
  10. I am sorry, wrong forum :lol: Your phone is WM 6.5 Professional, not Standard.
  11. Always the cheapest price: http://geizhals.at/deutschland/a535151.html Right now it's at 456,18 €
  12. No, you have to unlock your device for custom ROMs. Check the thread here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=649540
  13. Changelog: v0.8 -> v0.9 v0.9 -> v0.91 v0.91 -> v0.92 v0.92 -> v1.00
  14. I present to you: Windows Mobile 6.5 Standard on the Rose French, German, Hungarian, Finnish, Turkish, Czech, Greek, English, Dutch, Polish, Romanian Pics (the way it *should* look like): Please read everything before you ask questions!!! The first boot (cold boot) takes a while - don't panic... New SYS/XIP (CE OS 5.2.21854 (Build 21854.5.0.80)) Included: - Marketplace (use it to get MyPhone and Windows Live) - Titanium (improved from v1.1); a Titanium Slide theme (looks like Titanium, acts like CHome) - WM 7 Theme (big and small) - Titanium Neo - Office (including OneNote), Games - dotNET 3.5 - Rose xT9 - MoDaCo DoNew (with Office 2007 support) - CHomeConfig - MortScript - Rinku's Iconbar - BaseHue - CHome Icon Color Changer - PPCPimBackup - SMS Inbox Threading Config (turn on/off) - packages from Rose/Snap/Ozone/Captain: Adobe PDF (2_5_1_0_359298_00) ArcSoft MMS (5_2_18_29) HTC AudioManager (2_0_19163627_R0) Bluetooth Software (FTP 1_2_37637_9 and SAP 3_3_0_R2) DRMMiddleware (1_5_19142824_00) CommManager (2_9_6_1) Connection Setup (from Snap 3_0_19192130_00) CyberonVoiceTag (1_7_26_0) DShow (2_0_19153627_00) HTC Album(2_0_19134121_4) Jbed Java Esmertec (20081002_2_1) LockstreamDRM (1_2_081216_O9_05) mHubVO (1_75_090820_X0) PhoneCanvas_2G (2_0_32894_0) PictureEnhancement (1_50_19171324_00) Ringtone Plugin (1_0_19153628_00) Quick Notes (1_10_18201322_0) RSSHub (2_1_1_1084_01) ShareDLL (1_01_19143331_01) Sliding Panel (1_0_19123628_0) StreamingSrcFilter (2_7_19162918_00) StremingMedia pvPlayer Unlock Screen Clock (1_0_29011_0) Volume Control (has to be activated through Start Menu -> Expert) - tgetfile.dll - a lot of registry tweaks REMOVED: - Welcome Center - SQM (customer feedback) - Live Search - Sample Music - Skybox I am not responsible for bricking your device! It's you who is flashing!! You need to install the HardSPL first! There might be bugs, if you find one please report here! Download from MediaFire This was a lot of hard work and I don't even have the phone, so please: Donors so far (big thanks): - Enricosteph
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