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  1. In your review you mentioned it was locked to Virgin Mobile... Just wondering, all t-mobile phones i've ever used have been able to work with a virgin sim, and vi-ve. Have you checked that T-Mobile sims definatly don't work? Also, if it does work, can you pick up radio/tv with it?
  2. My MDA Compact could manage to reach the tv from the sofa, and also unlock my car (!?) from 2 meters away... I always used PDAWin Remote Control
  3. Using a Pretec SDIO Wifi card on an MDA Compact 2 (Windows Mobile 5.0) The wifi logo is showing, when i go into settings, avaliable networks show up, but it can't connect. Any idea's?
  4. do you reckon i could change the driver of the PPC to that of a USB wifi access dongle...? there must be a way to do it...
  5. Basically the situation is: At work we have no connection to the internet (being used by office network), I am awaiting arrival of an MDA Vario... Now I know I can access a wi-fi network at work, and was wondering if there was a way I could activate the wi-fi on the Vario, active sync with my work pc via the usb cable, and use the Vario to access the internet on my PC? I think that makes sense... Any Suggestions?
  6. Awesome, thanks for all the help, haven't been on this site in ages but was just as helpful as I remembered... Also, respect to the south croydon massive! slumming it in west croydon at the moment, but will get to surburbia soon enough!
  7. Thanks for the quick reply... because i'm still transitioning over from smartphones, i don't think I can quite deal with the size of a PDA-Size phone yet... They still seem rather comical as I do a lot of talking and can't stand the kylie minogue-style bluetooth sets.... I'm hoping the next generation of the "Compact" PPC's will offer Pro/JasJar features in a more phone-like package.... For the time being I think i'll stick with the Vario, thanks for putting my mind at rest... 2 things however (sorry), does the handset feel "Cheap" like msmobiles say... and will it be noticeably slower than my old Compact..? Thanks again, Aaron
  8. I've owned a MDA Compact (original) for around 9 months, before that I had a c500, an e200, then before that an MPX200, have loved all of them... Now my beloved Compact is dead I've been offered a Compact 2, which i've turned down because I don't like the color scheme. I got offered a Vario instead, but i'm now wavering after reading a less than perfect review on Msmobiles.... Have spoken to the guy at the insurance company, and if I want to change my mind back to the Compact 2... I could get over the boring graphite, or possibly switch to the pink (!).. Just wondering if anyone that knows more about these phones than me could weigh up the pro's and con's of the two devices and advise me on which one to plump for... If I get turned off both of them I might try an SDA 2 with CoPilot and give up with PPCs all together.... My main worries were looks - Compact 2 comes in unappealing colors, Vario looks a little bit plasticky, and also speed.... if 5 minutes on google is correct, the compact 2 comes with a 196mhz processor, and the vario comes with a 200mhz unit.... my original compact had a 400mhz!? I'm guessing the processors are better designed so the stepdown in performance isn't as much as the figures would suggest, but will it be noticeably slower, and is one device more responsible than the other? Thanks in Advance, sorry for my english, Aaron
  9. Has anyone lucky enough to own one of these things also got an MDA Compact/iMate Jam, and if so could you take a comparison photo? Only had MDA Compact for 2 months and this phone is already seriously making me want to trade.., but in some of the photos it did look a little big elephantastic... If anyone could help out it'd be much appreciated
  10. No registry workaround needed. Start>Settings>Sounds & Notifications>Notifications>New Text Message> Uncheck "Display Message"
  11. A friend bought me a 512mb sd card from ebuyer about a week and a half ago... it was nearly full, and just attempted to watch a video and the SD card is showing blank... Will get him to send it back, but I was wondering if there was any way to recover the data (some of it was actually important, although most were crappy BBC3 sitcom episodes...) before i sent it back? Don't have an SD card reader or whatnot, just an MDA Compact.
  12. Looking through the Argos catalogue for wedding gifts (Argos Gift List is an insanely good idea), I happened upon an SD Plus card... http://www.argos.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/s...&clickfrom=name It's just an SD card that hinges down and then plugs directly into a pc... It would be very useful when at work, given the fact i'm not allowed to ActiveSync my phone, and also it's not particularly practical to carry around a long-ass USB lead even if I was to find a way to sync my phone at work. I don't imagine it would be a problem, but are there any problems with using these cards in an MDA Compact/HTC Magician???
  13. My backlight occasionally (randomly) sets itself to the lowest light... It's not a life or death situation as theres just about enough light to get to the backlight settings page, but it's irritating... anyone know of a fix?
  14. Radio Times do one for £15 a year... but i'm cheap.
  15. Does anyone know of a free and relatively comprehensive TV guide that I could put onto the PDA & Sync once weekly or whateh onto my MDA Compact??? While you're here, are SD Plus cards compatible with MDA Compact
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