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  1. hi im trying to view my ip camera on my tytn II but have ran into problems. i have connected the camera so i can connect to the internet anywhere in the world and access it as long as i have internet explorer and an ocx file installed. once you visit the site there is a link at the bottom of the page which downloads a ocx setup file (i beleve this is somesort of activex control). once installed you never need to run it again. the only problem is the file wont work on the tytn II. i just get loads of text on the screen. is there anyway around this? perhasp convertion so it works on my tytn II? or is there any other solution? any help would be very greatly appreciated thanks in advance
  2. hi guys and girls found this may help quite good ive used it only downside is not landscape view but give it a go CCrryyppttoo.ARM.PocketPC__Version_1.1___English_.CAB
  3. hello does anyone know how to encrypt files on the kaiser. i have an excel document i would like to encrypt does excel let me encypt.or is there any software or functions in the kaiser that will let me encrpyt any file not just excel ones
  4. hello i recently downloaded flashyget for my pc it is a download manager AND ALSO allows users to download torrents is there any software that allows users to download torrents and other files on wm6 pda i have a kaiser. i searched for this but didnt find any threads so i created one thanks for any advise in advance
  5. hi i have the tytnII i beleive thats the kaiser on orange. i have installed the 6 tab homescreen plugin and also the htc theme and the dialer as the oranges ones are not to my liking. this is now much better however my comm manager looks a bit hmm not quite right i beleve there is a commanger plugin available a 10 tab one i read somewhere but cant remeber. well does any have it or advise me where to go . or even better is the a single cab for all the latest ones from htc including dialer, commanger, homeplugin, theme, start shut downscreens as i dont even like the oranges start also any one know what all the screens are if i missed anything as i also read about a audio manager plugin im confused how many are there any help thanks
  6. hi just ordered an 8gb microsd todaay so i just checked on my phone where its ment to go in. its covered with a small plastic or rubber peice i managed to take it off well not completly only the left side. now i had a nokia n80 which was simialar however it wud let me pull the plastic/rubber peice out further so i could install the card easily however on the tytnII i dont know if it extracts and further i dont want to break it. all it does is just open from the left i cant even see the opening clearly. can anyone advise me if it extracts further from the right or will i break it?? thanks
  7. can anyone confirm this do you have the one from orange i have miss placed the cd from mine does tomtom come on the cds if not any one know what version tomtom i need and where to get from
  8. hello stupid question probably, i have just got my new upgrade from orange & i choose the htc tytn II which i beleive is the kaiser correct me if wrong , i found the quick gps conected to new and downloaded data but where is tomtom i cant find it. does tomtom come installed on the phone or do i have to buy it seperatly, thanks for reading ps the phone is from orange not bought offline if that helps
  9. hi i have an m2000 using a jabra bt250v headset i love the phone and headset however i cannot use just the headset to dial, as the phn doesnt have voice dialing i have window voi ce command however u have to assign a key i have assigned the ecord button to voice diling however on headset the button is call is there a profile or any way i can get this to work also another thing i wud like all audio when the headset is connected to come thru the bt250 not just the calls is there anyway this can be done, also the final thing anyway of openingthe m2000 to all networks
  10. hi im currently on my finished my contract with orange my first phone was original spv, then e200 this time i dont know what to go for can some out there advised me on the best smartphone avaiable is it c500, m1000, m2000 also is the what about the p910 an good is it a windows smart phone please can anyone tell me the best smartphone to get im on orange thanks it doesnt have to be any listed abouve but it does have to be available on orange and i want the best one so what do you guy or girl advise??
  11. Hi, Thanks you for your interest. We are actually working on a new version of Smart Explorer, that will support sending file via bluetooth. We have actually not any date for availability. A beta version should be available soon. We will then take the time to fix all reported bugs before publishing a final release. The beta version will be a public version and available for download on our web site. Don't hesitate to contact us for additional information. Best Regards, Binarys Support Team Rte de la Fonderie 8 1705 Fribourg Tél : +41 26 424 48 07 www.binarys.com
  12. on the e200 can u have ringtones of the sd card and also how about the playlist? can you copy the music in the order you want it played?
  13. sync via bluetooth first the go to setting data menu on e200 then internet connect to pass thru this pass thru only appears if it is connected to active snyc
  14. hello i have asked someone today if you get a leather carry poach like the first spv but for the e200. so basically who ever has an e200 did it come with a carry poach?
  15. 1. Is The e200 leather case the same as the original spv or e100 or is it different? 2. what is the difference between these 2 apps on the e200 start>accessories>clear storage & start>configuration>reset mfg settings? are they the same? 3.what sd card do you get with the e200?and how many?
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