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  1. charlyv, yes i have plans,but...i wish a day was 48hr instead of 24!
  2. Hi, can you tell me what was wrong first time that you couldnt play? and if it freezes see ig any crash log is created? i suggest usinggapi = 0 and also setting height and width of screen manually,turning off sound/music,using not long directory names for game,and changing reserved memory-this somethimes magically helps-,in cases of problem.
  3. well i have tested that in emulator and there it seems on-screen-keyboard worked nicely! are in usinggapi=0 and showsipbutton=1? also afaik pc saved games wont work.you have to use saved games created with this game.
  4. it says num=1 if it also says special key it means you have to do modifications in your cfg file and use key mapping but if it is normal key see what says before that num and try using that in landscape_mode0[probable if it is normal screen] update game again from www.spv3d.com and read readme.txt see if it does help or not. @anisan96: thanks for your notes and comments @satani i think if you write in english maybe i can help more...although i understood in fruher a little duetsch but now it seems i have forgotten eveything ;)
  5. well,screenshots are really welcome,so i can see what happens.... i dont know if i can supply same exe file which works with emulation and also without...i'll investigate that. i also check with lower resolutions on my device and everything seems normal... about being slow,i think it is somehow normal becouse 640x480 is really big,and 12fps is also not that slow! does game with usinggapi=0 and 320x240 also corrpted?
  6. there are some issues with keys on pocketpcs but there is some ways so you can know the names/codes of the keys... just try reading all readme.txt file. about being slow there are also some ways like turning off sound:((,using gapi,increasing memory,and overclcking! there is some hints about other setting in readme.txt file.
  7. well maybe it is hidden by default,before starting the game. by setting ShowSIPButoon = 1 i just dont hide it,but if it was hidden before so it remains hidden. check if you see that keyboard icon before starting game,or even show the keyboard and start the game.
  8. well you should see that keyboard button all the time.. i think if you tap on it keyboard will apear and you can use it
  9. well another file. it seems to be it fixed that bug. also i have added a new showsipbutton setting so you can have your sipbutton during the game.it is on by default,but you have to set usinggapi to 0 to make use of it. do you think it is usefull.(atleast now you can enter text in savegame menu) spvDuke3D.rar
  10. Ok here is a file. the problem with previous files was you couldnt exit the game. now there is-must be-and icon on top-right when you press you will getback to main menu,and when quiting the game taping on left of screen means yes and on right means no,there are also big yes and no icons in middle of screen. i think somethimes you must tap multiple times so program can understand.
  11. anybody here has pocket pc? i preapared something for pocketpc and i need a tester/testers thnx
  12. from this log it seems you have memory issue.change cache memory to something like "6800" and if didnt work again attach the log file. i also made some changes that i think it will work on 640x480 resolution just making some changes to make it more playable on pocketpcs!
  13. can you please attach here dukecrash and .log file also change duke.cfg usinggapi=1 to usinggapi=0 and see it works now or not?
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