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  1. Andrew_Green

    Assign custom tones to incoming sms?

    Oops, mis-read the original post. MortRing enables per-contact assignment of SMS tones.
  2. Andrew_Green

    Removing Icons from Start>Settings

    Should be a case of removing the relevant reg entry.....
  3. Andrew_Green

    Assign custom tones to incoming sms?

    MortRing 0.991 - it's freeware. :D
  4. Mark, I've only ever used TT, never tried anything else because - and this is a matter of personal choice - it does the job I need it to do. I can definitely recommend TT. Regards,
  5. Andrew_Green

    Official O2UK XDA Orbit WM6

    @JulianL, did you ever get satisfactory replies to these questions?
  6. Andrew_Green

    Touch Flo for P3300/Artemis

    ...depends on what peoples' attitudes to cook-ROMs...

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