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  1. Thanks again. Did it... Installed SLIM 12. Maps navigation crashed every time, made me late..!! gone to stock+ now... !
  2. hello all, How do I Install this without CWM already installed please? ta Amazingly I did it...
  3. It was a long and winding road, but I've done it! Thanks Sharky.. Now .. How to root again... let me see...
  4. Thanks, I saw that but it needs windows for the ABB exe file thingy
  5. In fact I got it just now! Trouble is, I can't find out how to use it - I don't have a PC, just a mac...
  6. I have asked.. Thanks for the tip
  7. Greetings earthlings, Apologies in advance if my question has been answered before. I have spent a couple of hours is searching with no luck. I just got back G300 from the repair shop and it has a new motherboard and the new official ROM ...android version 4.0.3 I can't seem to route it because I get an error message: writing 'recovery'... FAILED (remote: Command not allowed) ./install-superrecovery-mac.sh: line 3: syntax error near unexpected token `(' ./install-superrecovery-mac.sh: line 3: I think I need to unlock the boot loader – but I don't know how to doing this despite my best efforts. I have got a dreadful bout of flu so perhaps my brain can't cope with this any more – I am not the fastest at this modern technology stuff. apologies again and thanks in advance of any patient people are out there willing to help.
  8. Can't root it! FAILED (remote: Command not allowed) Do I need to unlock the bootloader? I cant' find how to do this...(I HAve got the flu and my brain is addled!)
  9. Thank you for your advice, will try em
  10. Well, I've got the phone back – they fixed it – hooray. I was kind of hoping they would send me a new one but no – they say they've replaced the motherboard and up dated software on it which in this case is android version 4.0.3. anyway, now that we're all friends on this thread – does anybody have any advice on which Rom I should run? – I have a preference for speed and reliability! Thanks anyway for all your inputs during this saga.
  11. Thanks for the tips.. Does anyone know if they can find out anything if the phone won't power on?

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