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  1. Is there a way to make the home screen of my HP iPAQ 614c to be black like this one? I just want the color of the bars to be black thats all
  2. yes download resco keyboard and you are done :rolleyes:
  3. Not bad at all but why gray... why not black
  4. Cool theme wlet will you release it? and can you make it also with 8 bit marios prites :lol:
  5. tonev

    Samsung i320 / i320n cosmetic differences?

    The phones are almost the same in software and spesifications but i320n looks cooler :D
  6. tonev

    WM6 on i320

    no it won't even be done but you can transform your phone to look like wm6 using smart tool kit version rc09 but what's the point wm5 or wm6 it's still the same
  7. Thanks for this tip mate :D
  8. tonev

    Cab files

    what fileexplorer are you using resco file explorer? edit: oh sory the topic is 1 year old :D
  9. look at this post it hast the latest version of opera mini + teh lates java emulator click here
  10. tonev

    Tons of problems off the back!

    well you shoud reset your phone and it will work fine you just shutdown your phone press the 0 key and the power up key in teh same time enter the password 1234 and wait and you are done your phone is fixed ( btw back up your contacts if they were on the phone memory)
  11. tonev

    Unlocking i320

    well the boot screens are in the windows folder named oem_splash and ets you can copy them to your sotragecard or someplace else with rescoexplorer when you change the file atributes this way i changed mine to the wm6 boot one :D
  12. There is java manager installer for i320 found it when i instakked opera mini made by someone :D Opera_Mini_18_06_2008.cab
  13. wel my startup sounds have changed how to fix it :D any ideias? Edit: btw my device is i320n btw now teh shutdown and startup are one female singing and bevore that they were diferend for startup and shutdown and they were some sort of melody Edit2: no no no wait :D even my error and info sounds ave changed wow
  14. how to unlock my samsung sgh i320n?
  15. I found how using Resco Explorer and now i changed my "call progres background" and shutted of my camera sound
  16. thanks can I mod it with my graphics? oh and soon i will be done with my cystomiztion of my i320n and i will send it to PM
  17. How to make shortcuts to items in settings?
  18. How can i change the sounds when i shutdown my phone get an error message and so on (if possible i wan to replase the original files cuz there is no way i can reg hack my camera sound for example) (oh and my phone is samsung sgh i320n)
  19. Is there way to change icons on folders in start menu?

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