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  1. Yup, I'm in the queue for a DHD also, so if I make any progress I'll report back. Jon
  2. Hi All, Has anyone managed to connect a bluetooth keyboard to the Desire HD? From what I've managed to find it seems the HTC ROMs have a modified bluetooth stack which doesn't accept bluetooth HID connections. Is this true? If I could connect my apple wireless keyboard I'd be pretty happy. Jon
  3. Every person appearing in my referrals list will get a free speedboat or small family saloon*: Speedboat or Car *once the cash from my Nigerian goldmine owning ancestor clears in my account
  4. Bit late to the bandwagon....... If it makes any difference - Did you hear about the woman who drowned in museli? She got pulled under by a strong currant Here's my link JonTelfer Dropbox link
  5. It'll be cooked into the ROMs first (it's still fairly rickety apparently so there aren't many with it in) and then if you're lucky it'll make it into a monster cab file. It'll take a while though I'd have thought. Jon
  6. Don't overlook the brodit mounts - they're the mutts nuts IMHO. Jon
  7. I went through the bolt-on change successfully for my Touch HD - changed it within 24hrs. A month later when I get the bill I find there's a £12.55 added extra bolt-on. Phoned up to query it and they gave all sorts of answers relating to it being a CPW tarriff and that I should speak to mobiles.co.uk, or pay an extra £7.50. Stuck to my guns as I'd not opened the SIM until I'd heard back from them about the bolt-on change, and that this was O2's mis-advice/cock up. In the end a manager is changing th tarriff back to what was originally planned i.e. bolt-on swap to mobile data. So get the details of the person that changes the bolt-on and write it on the bill because it might all come back in the month 1 bill. I guess that there's an incentive for mobiles to sell the text bolt on rather than data? Jon
  8. Pretty easy really. They say they set you up with Gadget helpline and Phone insurance - when I phoned to cancel the gadget helpline they said that there were problems with mobiles.co.uk and most customers hadn't actually been signed up. The insurance is easily cancelled - although I didn't get the policy number so I couldn't cancel on the CPW website. If you phone them they can cancel from your postcode and surname. So not much grief at all.
  9. There's an option in HD tweak to change dialers. Why it happened randomly to you I don't know though.
  10. Are the numbers listed twice in your new contacts? So maybe your home number is in there for wife/husband/life partner/dog and it doesn't fancy/can't handle displaying the list?
  11. I installed it. Didn't notice any difference apart from the iplayer links. Sprite backup didn't restore the mail accounts so I ended up not using it and reinstalling everything from scratch. I think it's a big jump in radio versions, not noticed anything different - but it's all subjective isn't it. If I'd known it wasn't going to be anything magical I think I'd not have bothered, but then again the file was sitting on the desktop ready and the voices in my head said I should click it.......
  12. Hi All, Not been using Navizon for a while and then when I passed 50K points I found that they were forcing users to upgrade to their premium service (whatever that is) before you can cash in. I couldn't find anything on what the premium service is apart from some kind of trail/tracking software. So if you're collecting points, bear in mind that you have to use 10K of points before you make any cash back. I emailed Navizon - ----- Original Message ----- From: "Jon Telfer" <[email protected]> To: <[email protected]> Sent: Wednesday, April 01, 2009 5:38 PM Subject: Forced upgrade to premium account > Hi - I've not been using Navizon for a while > as I've had some problems with the phone. Now that it's fixed I've gone > over 50K points. I went to my account to trigger the reward and found > that I couldn't cash in as I had to use the money to upgrade to premium. > Looks like you're holding me to ransom from where I'm sitting. I also > couldn't find any list of benefits of upgrading to Premium. Is it worth > carrying on or should I take the client off my phone to avoid you lot > shafting me again? > > Thanks, > > Jon Hello, You can use one reward to upgrade to premium. Any other rewards you have waiting can be claimed as soon as you have upgraded. -- Bredo Øveraas Navizon tech support So I don't think it's worth bothering with it any more. Jon
  13. I don't want to piss on your chips but I think the assumption that the GPS will be more powerful than your old Tomtom is optimistic.
  14. Looks like two votes for ubuntu...I'm running fedora and I seem to stall with some kind of security message - either selinux or iptables I guess. I try every once in a while but eventually give up. Maybe I'll have another look. Mandriva also seems to be quite phone friendly - according to linux format this month.
  15. Hi all, What are peoples experiences with getting their phones talking/syncing with linux (specifically fedora 10)? I got close last time with synce so I could browse the phone in the terminal but rapi never worked for me. Is it worth it? Has anyone found a good howto? Thanks, Jon
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