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  1. Hi, if you turn on the wireless on your Dash and in comms manager go to "Settings -> Wlan Settings -> Connection Status" your MAC address is there. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi there. 1) The Dash will play many different formats using WMP or TCPMP (Much more support for different codecs) 2) TCPMP will generally play avi files though AVI is just a container, there are many different codecs it could be 3) I generally use PocketDivxEncoder (free) to convert along with TCPMP to play 4) See above. Hope this helps.
  3. Why would you wish to do this? there are already Remote Wipe options for use in the event of theft etc, the only possible reason I can think of why somebody would want to do this is malicious.
  4. I'm guessing the difference is because of the different codecs used, and when you select the same they are using different compression ratios/bitrate/yadda yadda. Personally I've had fantastic luck with PocketDivxEncoder playing with TCPMP, it's a bit of a faff to convert from DVD (DVD shrink, rip the main title and import the resulting VOB in the VIDEO_TS folder into PDE) Hope this helps.
  5. This is going to sound rather stupid but there's a reason for it :( Is there a way to make Internet Sharing share the WiFi connection? The reason for this is because I'm stuck using an old mac that doesn't have a wireless card for a few days and wireless would be the only way I have internet access, I have managed to get Internet Sharing work with MissingSync and can successfully share a GPRS connection, so in essence I'd like to use it like a USB wireless dongle. Thanks :D
  6. Thanks very much, I probably should've searched.
  7. Hi there, I had problems getting the o2 UK Pay&G GPRS and MMS settings, they had to send me the 'contract' settings which weren't much help as they were for WM Pro and everything is in a different place and they didn't include the MMS settings. Could anybody provide me with the o2 GPRS and MMS settings for Pay&G UK? Thanks very much :( This was what I received
  8. Hi there, not sure if this is any help but I found editing on the device to be clunky so I use this: http://www.breaksoft.com/Blog/Utilities/20...try_Editor.aspx
  9. Cheers, I guess that will be the solution for now. I may look into personal exchange hosting I've seen a couple of companies offering for ~$10 mo. Thanks
  10. Heh, that's a little shitty on microsofts part, especially considering the code to send email is already there, I mean what motivation for this is there? Couldn't they atleast provide a method to sync email to account X so you don't get duplicates and the sync messing up? Anyways, thanks for taking the time to answer my question, much appreciated :(
  11. I have been able to sync my email with outlook and all my email goes into 'Outlook Email' on my phone, however I cannot send from my phone, it puts the message into outbox and the send/receive is grayed out, why is this? I have been trying for a while to be able to send email from my phone over wifi and the only way I have been able to do it is set up a seperate account but that means my email still gets synched to 'Outlook Email' and not the other account, how in the world do I do this? Thanks.
  12. The only thing that is annoying me currently about smartphone is the way there seems to be no way to exit out of an application that doesn't have exit in the menu, aside from use task manager. Is there a way to add an exit option to all applicaiton menu's or configure my phone so when I back out of an application(not hit the home button) it defaults to exit instead of hiding the applications. Cheers. -Kieran [HTC S620]
  13. You can delete the XT9 cache by either connecting with activesync and removing the files /Windows/eT9Rudb.Rdb and /Windows/eT9Cbd.Cdb or using file manager. You will have to make sure all apps are closed or you will get a sharing violation. I'm fairly sure you can also edit them with a text editor, they're in an odd format though as far as I can see.
  14. Thanks for the offer but it's all good, it was me being stupid (not uncommon) Received the phone today and I'm loving it, I had to register my device with HTC before I could see the updates and such, when that was done It let me download the WM6 upgrade.
  15. I was originally planning to get a HTC S730 but I've put it off on account of getting an excalibur would be cheaper and I want to see what google does with their android platform. I have been looking around and found one very cheap with WM5, I know the excalibur has official WM6 updates so I had a look on HTC's site, registered for the 'e-club' and selected the S620, when I went into updates it asks me to select my device from 'the list', said list is empty, is it just me being stupid? How do I go about getting the rom to upgrade since I would rather use the official rom ;) Thanks. Attached is a screenshot.
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