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  1. Lympe33

    After overclocking MPX is dead?

    hey thanks for replying, Unfortunatelly I try to by pressing blue and ON together. Nothing happend. It seems that the mobile remembers the last setting I did on the CPU. I also try to have both external and internal batterys disconected but no luck. Please help since I love that phone. Cheers
  2. Hi guys, I did the stupiest thing ever? I overclocked my mpx200 and after a reboot, phone is dead.. I striped it (desperate) and took of the backup batt hoping that factory setting will fix the situation. Nothing hapend tho hence the message. Is there any solution? I would apreciate a lot. Regards Simon
  3. Hello there, I am pound to say that today I order my MPX200 and very soon its gonna be with me!!! This is the second time I will be owner of this sexy small smartphone ;) . Unfortunatelly the first one has be stolen.. Some

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