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  1. How did u solved this issue?still cant get mine to work.tks
  2. Button2 always reverts back to today after soft reset when selected to other shortcuts.any tweaks to this?Tks.
  3. Weak vibration on my i8000 even when set to max.Any help on this?Tks
  4. Weak vibration on my 18000 even when set to max.any tweaks on this?Tks
  5. My phone does not vibrate anymore after flashing to SB15,any help on this?Tks
  6. Hey sonblack how did u manage to enable finger scrolling in word mobile?any registry tricks tks.
  7. Same here reflashed n hard reset twice but camera still does not display texts.
  8. Pardon my ignorance what is FW?Cant find anything related to FW in samsung settings.My i8000 is a singapore set PDA: I8000NXXIJ9 CSC: I8000XSOIJ2 Phone: I8000DXIJ1 As mention in my previous posts if i flash the full rom my operator settings will not configure my sim card for mms & internet settings.Really love ur rom,hope there is a solution from you.
  9. Can i flash ur rom without flashing CSC?My operator setting will not configure my sim card for mms & internet settings if i flash the full rom.Tks.
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