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  1. I have flashed my i607 with the i600 new ROM and now I can't flash the phone back. The phone works because I haven't flashed this part, however had flashed the PDA and have no camera anymore, no vibrator, but at least a working O/S. I have tried the following: a ) Purchased the D820 cable. I can see the phone connected using Tera Term in COM1, however is not seen by the WCE downloader as this is looking at USB ports. b ) I have tried installing the modem drivers time and again, and tried to connect ActiveSync in COM1 according to these instructions: (1) Use a Samsung D820 cable with Serial Port and plug into your i60x (2) Connect the cable to your PC's serial port (probably COM1) (3) Install the Samsung Blackjack Modem Driver (4) Uncheck the "Allow USB connections" in Active Sync option and select COM1 in "Allow connections in one of the followings" (5) Let Active Sync to search for the i60x and wait for "Connected" (6) Run the i600 firmware update program as usual. NO results. ActiveSync does not connect. c ) Tried Corona Downloader ver 3.2 for Samsung SGH-D500, it connects to the phone, but vendor ID sent is 0x44 and the phone responds 0x52, aborting further exchanges. I also tried OneNAND downloaders ver 1.4, 1.7 and 1.8 with similar results. I know these flashers may not work on my phone, however gave ma an idea some exchange was taking place... d ) I tried to load the bootloader eboot.nbo in root of the SD card, however i don't know if there should be a key combination to boot from SD card or if there is one other trick nor what name the file should have. Any ideas here? e ) I have made dumps prior this mishap of all 4 raw partitions in the phone. Is it there a way to write a partition using a utility that I can place in the SD card? Is it there available a SD flasher that may run from the phone? f ) Is it there a way to modify the WCE downloader to work on COM1 instead of USB? g ) Is it there a way to modify the device driver to accept the phone as it is now? Apparently the phone device driver messages windows with a device malfunction and Device not recognized. Is it there any way to bypass this? h ) I even tried to use a Serial-USB bridge and WCE downloader. No results either. If you have any ideas, please respond to this thread. Any input will be deeply appreciated. Thank-you in advance.
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