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  1. Is it possible to get the Silver Inbox app on the X1? Is it just a case of outting it in the Windows folder? If so how do we make this the default messaging app? Thanks
  2. Actually it does work......after a soft reset...TOUCH
  3. Can we have a cab that works for the Xperia. I;ve tried running the Omnia cab and it doesn't seem to save the settings as the threaded messages still appear. Thanks
  4. As my Omnia is going back and I'm going over to an X1, I have 2 silicone cases going. If some one wants to fire over £3 to cover p&p they are yours. Black fits like a glove though the white is a tad looser. J
  5. If you search the forum there is a thread about unbricking......people here tend to get the hump when the same questions are asked over and over...especially when the answer is three clicks away.
  6. 100% yes...... Even though I know VF have ruined the Omnia I have SPB shell installed. A nice skin and the fatc I have HH3 which fixes the auto answer issue I will stick with it for a while....... Though I updated my HTC Touch ROM immediately last year as there was a larger knowledge base and a lot more ROMS available (as well as the official Orange ones)
  7. Heard that Vodafone are telling people that they are discontinuing the Omnia due to the number of problems they are getting. I only got mine today so hope this isn't a soign of the next couple of weeks. Loaded SPB Shell etc and have the new themes but every now and then it show the original theme for no reason and the soft keys keep reverting to Live!. Literally had it for 4 hours.......Someone please reassure me......;)
  8. Does this work with Mobile Shell 2.1.1? Hope it does as the upgrade option is from 1.x to 2.0!!! Thanks
  9. Any joy with the VR Screen as per the Diamond Touch? You said you'd have a look and wondered if this is likely to be available or a pipe dream?? Cheers
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