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  1. Sorry guys, I have been quite busy for sometime with my uni work and stuff. So I didn't really have much time to look at the forum at all. I have posted a new installer which should fix all the problems about the installer. Now about the permission bit, you still cannot install this skin to any device which hasn't been software unlocked. Reason is this skin is not digitally signed as I cannot effort to buy licence to sign my software and skin files. Hope you guys like the skin and about the family guy, I thought I have posted the skin and so I have deleted most files of my PC. But I think I still have a copy somewhere on a DVD. I will lookup for it. Thanks for your support.
  2. Anyone have any idea how to do this?? Please help. I have some free time this week. So I can work on it again. Please let me know if anyone know anything about it at all. I would really appreciate that.
  3. Hi, I a, using VB not C#. I am calling the creatgraphics() like I normally do for any other programs and still not having any success with it. I have tried running the program on my pc and it works but I get a error messege when I run the program in emulator and on my phone. Example Code Now when I execute the Draw function I get a error messege. Is there any thing I am missing or it just can not be done? Please help.
  4. Hi, I am developing a hangman game for smartphone 2003 using vb.net (not using C# as i dont know much about it). I tried different methods to draw lines and shape such as circle, square boxs on the screen and always getting an error messege. I am using the creatgraphics() method and it doesn't seem to like it. Any one know any way round this. Please help. I would really appreciate it.
  5. Hi, This is my first go at developing software for smartphone using .net. This tool already been made by ultimasnake, But I thought the combination is prefixed so I decided to make one with complete random words. I know some of them turns out really odd but hey, it's only for fun and its my first attempt with .net. Please let me know if you find any bugs. Hope you like it. Love_Dice.zip
  6. Well, I don't think it has aything to do with the layer of the card. If the card has dual layer then the phone simply won't write anything at all on it. It seems to me it might be the card itself. If it's me I would try sending it back and settle with a 512 or 256 mb card or ask for the refund if the policy let me to claim my money back.
  7. blade001

    Futurama 1.2


    Futurama v-1.2 Finally I have managed to finish the skin (well for now anyways). It has 11 customized skins like the previous version. The Home screen layout has been changed and added some more plug-ins to it. Graphics has been improved. Some colour has been changed in the scheme, so now you can see the appointment and tick boxes in pocket outlook. Also I have added start-up and shut down splash screen pictures. I have added a hidden link to links page too ;) . And I have also fixed the registry key setting problem which I had in the previous version. I have made two version of the .cab file. One for Orange users with the hidden Links page and another without for others. Download the appropriate one please. This Home skin includes customized skins for: -Home Screen -Contact -Start Menu -Dialling Screen Including The Banner Image -Incoming Call Alert -In Call Screen Including The Banner Image -Volume Control Screen -Question Screen -Alert Screen -Information Screen -Missed Call -Windows Media Player Skin -Hidden Links Page -'Startup' Splash Screen 1 -'Startup' Splash Screen 2 & -'Shut Down' Splash Screen (Please note 'Shut Down' splash screen does not work in some ROM versions) Please Reboot your phone after installing the skin. Some skins needs the phone to be rebooted to work properly. [uPDATE] Check out the new Windows Installer. It contains both version of the theme. Just select the appropriate one from the selection screen. [/update]


  8. Just tried the new version on e200. Seems to me that it works just fine apart from one problem that I came across. The keypad light stays on when watching a film or movie file (when the option "keep the back light alive" is ticked). I have gone through the options but there seem to be no option to turn the keypad light off. Apart from that it's just fine. I will try coding some clips in .mkv format to see how they work with it. Thanks again for the brilliant piece of software.
  9. I agree with Broady. Its a call for Half-Life 2/CS Source. Try it and you should impress yourself and others. :D
  10. Dafinatly does. I Remeber playing SoulCaliur (the first one) on it for hours and hours. I think I still have it some where. Got to dig it out :D .
  11. Sorry guys, I just got SPV back. Finally I can work on the skin and finish it off. This time I will get it done. Its nearly done, just need finishing touches. I have been using it on my phone and chaging thngs as I go along. [i can never be happy with naything :D] Will be updating you with screen shots soon. give me few days to finish all my uni exams first :D .
  12. After having read those messeges, I decided to customize the original headphones which comes with the phone. I would have to say it was tricky but it's worth it. Now I can enjoy loud and clear sound through the ear piece and also can keep the microphone. Also I don't have to worry about ear piece falling off all the time when walking down the street and listening to music. Theres a picture of how it looks now.
  13. Or visit http://www.aria.co.uk. They are selling the same card for £46. My friend just pointed out to me as he has used them before and he just ordered one. Hope this helps.
  14. Have a Look at this Site. They are selling 1 gig card for £50 only. I have used them in couple of ocations. They are good at delivering product fast. but if you are in manchester, you can always walk in to the shop and joing the queue and save your self few pounds.
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