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  1. Bugs like this are the reason I personally don't agree with flight mode. Smartphones are buggy enough at the mo without risking it. Live without it on a plane and accept this as one of the limitations of an all in one device. And this is all before you consider the "he's using his phone I must be able to use mine" arguments. And pagemakers, without trying to start an argument, I have to say I agree with spacemonkey on this one. If you were flying the airplane then should you really be fiddling with your phone? Just my $0.02...
  2. OK boys and girls, how've you all been? I've been away for a good bit now due to a joint combination of a busy, busy new job and a scum-suckering $£@&% stealing my personal laptop (thereby cutting out my internet access at home - grrrrr). Anyway used to be a regualar on here for most of last year but haven't checked in since last November and wondering what's the major gos been since I've been away? Not jujst being lazy (well I am really - but I am having a scan through the old messages), but hoping some of the old skool crowd will point me in the direction of exciting news in the modaco/smartphone world. One big thing I was hoping for, was major developments in the handset world but nothing much seems to have happened since I last checked in - please tell me I'm wrong? I mean in the UK we had the SPV, then shortly after the E100 and then the E200 and then nothing since and that's been ages ago. Still on the original SPV and want a smaller, more reliable phone... Anyway if anyone still remembers me and feels like adding something to anything I've said then reply to this post or drop me a PM. Cheers, Barry
  3. Bazz

    Phone Specific areas at MoDaCo

    Hmmm... Personally I think it's getting a bit much now. Also never saw the point of two off-topic boards.
  4. $9.99 for some pictures of some coins? Which you can get free on the web? And they don't even use that $9.99 to software sign it? Sames ridiculously expensively and totally pointless to me! If it had all coins in the world (or free updates as they add then) perhaps, maybe, somebody might find it useful but until then I don't see the Downloads moving from 0...
  5. Bazz

    International GPRS

    More info here: http://www.orange.co.uk/services/orange_gp...gprs_table.html
  6. It depends on a number of factors: * How much better WM2003 is - I wouldn't pay for only minor improvements and, unlike msmobiles, I don't particularly care about .Net. * Whether it runs sufficiently well on the SPV. The SPV can barely handle WM2002 so not sure if it will be able to cope with anything more. * What new phones come out. The SPV's too big, with no integrated camera and is as slow as a dog. Changing the OS isn't going to help that much I don't think. On an aside I dropped my SPV and screwed up the screen and have been on my old Nokia 8210 for the last week (must get round to phoning Orange Care). Anyway I'm amazed at how good it is. Light, dependable and with a battery life that's amazing. I do miss some things about my smartphone but not as much as I thought I would - I think a lot of it was the initial novelty factor. Seriously tempted to duck out of the Smartphone beta program for a while until there are some major improvements. Anyway that's a whole other conversation...
  7. On the plus side though this may mean they really push to get us the update to fix this as it is annoying people. Without this extra incentive they may delay the update again. Still think it was MS's fault though for actually switching off the old version before a new one was ready to public release.
  8. Couldn't agree more. If MS could wait until 15th October why couldn't they wait until a Smartphone version was available? It just goes to show how little respect MS views the Smartphone user base at the moment. I know there's not many of use at the mo, but they're not going to make any changes to that if they continue this way...
  9. Bazz

    Microsoft Screw us over with MSN...

    Think again: http://smartphone.modaco.com/viewtopic.php?t=91068
  10. I dunno. Economically totally unmetered access is difficult to offer for an acceptable price. I'm not too against high-usage caps (providing they aren't too low and the caps and prices are made clear). Think about it. Orange could offer toally unmetered access, but cause some people would go mental on it they'd probably have to charge something like £45 for it (as they apparently do now). Or they could offer, say 50Mb for £15. If both of these were offered I reckon more people would go for the 50Mb option (I know I would).
  11. Not sure I'd pay that much. Granted it's mobile so should maybe be more that standard dial up, but it isn't anywhere near as fast a broadband so don't think it should be charged on similar rate. I think I'd be willing to pay up to £15 at a pinch. Don't use that much data at the minute, but would use it more if it was unmetered. I haven't had much use for Messenger since the unlimited offer ended :-( Also depends if there are limits on it. Although I'm not a bandwith hogger, the lower (and stricter) the limits the less I'd be willing to pay.
  12. It's a good point though. Anyway, has anyone else got problems getting this to work? Can't seem to log in. Also it doesn't throw up an incorrect password screen if you mistype your password.
  13. Bazz

    New Updated Orange Sim!

    Don't really use the SIM at all anymore as I store it all on the phone. What's the point of storing anything on the SIM anymore? 90 (or even 200) contacts with 1 number each? Pointless. Only 10 (or even 20) SMSes? Pointless.
  14. As goingnuts pointed out some Symbian phones (currently only the Sony Ericsson P800 AFAIK) and, I think, all Palm ones. There are also non touch-screen Symbian phones ( Nokia). MS made a design-decision that their smartphones should have touch-screen for simplicity sake. However MS do have Pocket PC devices with in-built phone cabilities (e.g. the XDA). They are a lot more powerful (and cumbersome) than Smartphones. Having played with both the P800 and the SPV I'm not convinced a stylus really works on a phone. If you need that level of control go for the PDA with phone option (XDA), rather than the phone with PDA option (SPV). Barry
  15. Not the most helpful reply jlowap ;-) MS market the Smartphone (note capitalisation) with a modified version of Pocket PC OS, but any phone with Camera and/or some form of pda facilities are also commonly know as smartphones. Whether MS hijacked the name or it got generalised is up for debate. MS are also changing their OS name perhaps in an attempt to clear up this mess. Phones with downloadable games could also be considered smartphones I suppose... Don't have much experience of non-MS smartphones so can't really help with your question. The main thing is most do the same thing in different ways and they are not interchangeable (apps for one phone won't work on the other and currently an MS smartphone can't run Symbian OS). The one exception is java games are usually somewhat interchangeable. Think of them like Apples and PCs. Symbian seems to have a bigger hold on the market at the mo but strangely, in my admittedly limit and biased view, there seems to be more games and apps for MS Smartphone.

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