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  1. Ves

    X1 with Tom Tom?

    Just look in the usual places.
  2. Ves

    Minimize opera?

    When you press the little arrow in the right corner you get a menu, there you choose close, after that you should be asked if you want to minimize of shut down.
  3. SE posted a new panel. I've been trying to log in but without succes. I wanted to take some screen shot. Here is the link to the cab anyway. And I attached it as well. http://www.sonyericsson.com/downloads/fd/3...ookPanel_X1.cab FacebookPanel_X1.cab
  4. Yes You will. Just make sure you synch with your PC to save your contacts and notes. I would think those are the msot important. The rest you probably got on you memory stick which is "safe" Have you tried this If you haven't make sure you check the IMAP option in your Gmail account options
  5. Call HTC first, they might re-direct you straight to the repair center (they'll give you a number).
  6. Ok, I have received my phone back from repairs and it's working again. They installed Radio Rom which seems to be the latest according to a thread on xda-developers. Will test my phone out in the coming days.
  7. Erm, it is pretty understandable that the sound gets directed to the headset. Have owned a Mobile running Windows Mobile which didn't have this 'flaw'?
  8. Check the XDA developers forum more info on this.
  9. Ves

    Battery life with hsdpa and 3g

    When it's constantly active yes. Also I read that 3G consumes more power when in a weak signaled area to find that connection or signal from the mast/post/antenna
  10. Ves

    Vario 3 and youtube.

    No tell us more about it
  11. I was planning on gettting the BH S100 aswell but I noticed that the battery gets drained quick (from 98 to 74%) within 3 hours.
  12. Ves

    Ringing Tones

    use your own sounds from old telephones, mp3's friends
  13. Ok, I checked the Uk site, and I can't find a similair data plan that we have in Holland

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