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  1. I use Igo8 and would like it to be the default gps program on the HD2. If for example you go to footprints and select a GPS location, my HD2 opens up the preinstalled GPS program CoPilot. How can I change that? Thanks for any advice Mark
  2. Imlooking for a turkish keyboard for the HD2. Now I dont mind if its a third party software like touchpal (which doesnt have a turkish keyboard unfortunately) or similar. Anything will do as long as it uses the screen realestate of the HD2 properly. The only keyboards I found are made for tiny screens and dont scale up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. When writing an sms you need to pick out a recipient from the original wm contacts and in landscape mode that is really difficult. I have phone-ex installed and fingerfriendly menus but all that doesnt help when you end up in the tiny wm contacts list. Any suggestions?
  4. When writing in landscapemode using the samsung keyboard, I often press the "send" button by accident. Is there a way to move that on screen button or disable it until i finish writing?
  5. I just flashed to 21189 and had 21195 before. Maybe its only my omnia but the scrolling through the honeycomb menu is definitely choppy and less smooth compared to the 21195 version. And also the honeycomb texture is back. Also, if you use the wm6.5 today screen (with the glass slider) then you will see the icons on the slider are squashed again.
  6. Just a question: Im missing the samsung qwerty keyboard. Any way to install it as a cab?
  7. But you have it enabled in your previous version 20954, right?
  8. i see its been disabled in your latest ROM version...
  9. btw, somehow i disabled the wm6.5 slider and i only have the standard wm today screen. how can i toggle it?
  10. sure, ill look for them. Maybe ill even see if we can do a wm6.5 theme thingy.
  11. just a question: is there anyway to change the wm6.5 today view slide icons? They all seem slightly squashed and I was wondering which pngs i need to edit.
  12. I was just wondering if anybody has a quick way to switch the TX9 language on the samsung keyboard. Its a pain to do it over the tiny triangle besides the "options" of your keyboard.
  13. I guess im not the only one who speaks and writes more than one language. Since TX9 is essential to fast typing on the samsung on screen keyboard, I often need to switch the language in the options menu of the keyboard. Is there a quicker way to switch it? Maybe remap a rarely used symbol key which will cycle through the languages?
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