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  1. The rom is fine visually just the apps eat up all the memory...you may want to look into incorporating a task manager or changing settings to get apps to close/not run when they are not needed.
  2. use the standard (no overclock) one if you try DoomKernel. If you don't have the CPU spy app get it and after a regular day of use you can see how your processor gets used. Good job Trip, was there an actual data d/c fix included?
  3. I'm kinda in the same situation...though I am reading into Samsung Galaxy S II having an HD version over in Asia...I wouldn't mind getting my hands on that. I'm still open to HTC...but please believe my x10 will be the last SE phone I'll buy...we all got screwed and forgotten. If it wasn't for devs like Trip some of us would of had to limp along with whatever we could or fork out cash for another phone much sooner. @Trip, thanks again for your past and future work. I miss your roms but due to needing wifi & no data d/c I had to fumble around and test others. Funny tho, after all that I came back to one of yours...which runs very nicely on DoomKernel...still the wifi/data thing has me stumped. Good luck on your new phone and +1 for a final release!
  4. Pretty sure the look is planned to be customizable...icons and themes should be easily changed to whatever you want them to be when the rom is released to us. I plan on making something special for it myself...maybe even one as a thank u to trip for being really dedicated to our device...besides buying him beer lol.
  5. Everybody is waiting, no need to clog up the forum with unnecessary posts. Just +1 it...thanks. Trip, I get where you were headed with the image with the lines but it is a bit confusing lol. So miui and cm are being a pain to get working with the two interface layers. What exactly is the issue? You mentioned fc when using a few settings from before but does it affect general app launching too? Any issues implementing the miui status bars to integrate with the cm settings? I imagine you may be trying to make a button just to access those settings directly from the pull down menu. Let us know as soon as you get an idea on the theme parts that are customizable...or a default theme to start from. It'll give some of us a head start on building themes if that's necessary.
  6. That's a good point, I used to use a camera that had a digital zoom in it but I think it was one that trip had included in one of the early releases of TripNMiui but I could be wrong. I feel like the SE cam is more of a crop-zoom as you mentioned but again there was one that showed it being "digital" after a certain point. I might of downloaded it from either the market or apktor but I remember it pretty well since I used it at a concert during this Summer.
  7. Also if you use a messaging app you might want to check it's settings for custom notification tones. I know handcent has it...which reminds me, besides chompSMS and goSMS what other sms apps do we use that aren't default? I had found good one a few months ago but forgot to back it up before flashing a new rom. Ok back on topic, so I know the camera is (and probably will always be) a special interest area for our x10s after not having a fully working one for so long until someone (cough cough, Trip, cough B) ) got it working. A lot of people post about having an led flash (even though the original camera didn't even have it as a "flash" but instead as an on/off light) but I don't really see too many people ask about regaining the original vol +/- button function to zoom in and out. After using the OEM camera I realize that is a big loss for x10 owners because it really is part of how the phone and it's buttons were laid out. Anyone know of camera apps that allow those buttons to function the way the original camera does (instead of a brightness +/-)? And if not, what could we do (besides using the oem camera which doesn't guarantee anything) to get it to work? I don't use my camera that much but when I do I always think that we should try to get that feature back. P.S. I'm glad we're catching on to a good discussion with ideas and opinions. Even if the feature is more of a personal choice for you, if you think it could help a lot of other people then do mention it. Just continue to put a little thought into why it would be good for a majority of owners.
  8. Ok I don't think you caught the point I was trying to make. You're asking for something that is an individual use app...it isn't something that will improve your phones performance, make it simpler to do anything, or even modifies the way the phone acts and looks. The people that are asking for a specific music app or browser are much more valid as EVERYONE pretty much would use them at some point. I don't see more than a handful of people using this/trying this until they got bored. Maybe I'm fighting a lost cause... <_<
  9. See...that's a cool idea (might not be possible though) but you don't make any kind of explanation to WHY it should be in the rom? What advantages would users of the TripNDroid have if it were integrated compared to just installing it yourself? IF Trip were to include timescape (which I'm kinda sure he wouldn't) that would be where I could see it being a part of the rom but not everyone uses livesquare, let alone timescape. This discussion is about making the rom unique and better not making it easier for certain users of a particular app. Nice thought, but you just did what everyone else has done and just typed one line about what you want...not what everyone could use. It has already been made clear that this isn't a suggestion thread but a discussion thread.
  10. Lol at the amount of suggestions. I guess it would be better if you discussed what makes these features a good idea to be included in the rom...instead of just putting up one line of what you think should be added with no WHY. Not that some of these suggestions don't have value but it's not helping. Anyways! Trip you got things going in a nice direction, what features are YOU thinking of trying to add? I think that maybe it will help direct this "DISCUSSION" thread in the way members/users can really understand (even though there will always be someone just throwing in a "suggestion"). Out of all the roms I've tried over the past year, I always prefer ones with more settings I can adjust or turn off/on. The CM7 roms had a ton of options (partly due to the cm options that were added along to the regular ones) but the MIUI roms had the user interface that just made it simple and user-friendly to navigate and change them. The official SE rom dumbed-down the options so much that after going to a custom rom you feel weird with none of their options to tweak (but of course you knew stuff should work with no issues and they had the drivers, bravia, xloud, etc.) What do you guys think? I didn't get into the app side of things because I always seem to not use what the majority of everyone on here like to use for web browser, file browser, etc. I do think the comments on making a theme manager app and a custom launcher are good ideas though. I'd be happy to make my own themes if that were the case, I'd just need a template to start from. Finally, the status bar that MIUI has I think is almost necessary...I have to put a damn widget just to switch my wifi off/on with the official SE I have on the phone now and that's BS (I couldn't take having to keep turning data off and on to get it to work so I decided to work on getting a SE rom perfected to how I like it and backed up before flashing anything else.)
  11. That's something you can look up and do yourself...not trying to be rude sorry You could even just use the theme manager and download another icon pack
  12. I hope y'all are keeping in mind that this is Trips rom...more than the others. This is mainly what he wants/expects from his phone so the tweaks (though suggested) are what he feels should be done. I'm sure he appreciates the suggestions but I think we should keep it to bug reports. With all the other roms out there a lot of their features that you may want can be implemented yourself...
  13. Damnit! If I had my data connection working I would have gotten an alert that there was some activity here tonight. Ok well someone shoot me a link...please? :unsure:
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