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  1. possibly unrelated, but I had same problem when my battery was failing. was bootlooping with sim, but would boot fine w/out mine was always bootlooping when not pllugged in to AC though.
  2. thanks... we are making promising progress on our desirehd/inspires over at xda.
  3. Holding down the message key (bottom right) will turn off the display. Not sure if it will stay off for you though.
  4. I only have a SGH-i607 and i617, so I won't be much help I guess <_< Changing the Bluetooth MAC doesn't help?
  5. Try *#81230*# as your first password I don't have the option to edit WiFi MAC Address. There is, however, a Bluetooth BD Address selection, which does contain the MAC of the phone, and is able to be edited. Hope this helps.
  6. Maybe some of this info will help: http://www.modmymoto.com/forums/showthread.php?t=17027
  7. That is correct. AT&T trash not included. <_<
  8. Were you having problems with SMS or MMS? Reason I ask, I've been unable to get MMS working with it, although all other features work (Internet, SMS, etc.). EDIT: Disregard... Once I correctly set up the MMS profile options, all is well. Go figure. in case anyone needs them (for AT&T): MMSC URL: http://mmsc.cingular.com/ PROXY: wireless.cingular.com PORT: 80
  9. yep, that'll work... no need to even reboot. delete the file and the original one will show back up.
  10. I believe if you delete the file you replaced it with, then reboot, the other file will be back... You can't actually replace the files on the ROM, but you can hide them by copying one with the same name over it.
  11. http://www.samsung.com/us/consumer/mobile/...amp;tab=support Not sure of the exact updates, but thought someone might find this useful. Joe
  12. This is only somewhat related to this topic, but Samsung released a 6.1 maintenance upgrade for the i617... looks like it's a full flash. Not sure what if anything has been enhanced. It was released March 2, 2010: http://www.samsung.com/us/consumer/mobile/...amp;tab=support EDIT: Wow! I joined in September '07 and just now made my first post. :-)
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