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  1. Too late though .. but hope your Christmas was good .. Happy new year ..
  2. warriorvibhu


    Paul you are our hope no one else i know is so close to rooting it .. :) do it man do it..
  3. Dude you are right even i saw the same thing and got so angry with htc ppl..... and what the hell.. would you beleive i bought it when it was launched here and it cost me $550 and a few of my co-workers bought it after 2 months of seeing mine (yeah they are so retard it took them 2 months to decide if they should go for windows device).... it cost them $400. and there u see they habe a brighter .. better screen......
  4. WELL a friend of mine is suffering from this problem too i could not find a solution though i suggest replacing your set by giving it back to the dealer....well hope if anyone has a solution he/she will come FWD with it soon.....
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