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  1. I'm with orange and have been since the original SPV, I'm looking to upgrade to the new E650 with one of the offers on the MoDaCo shop; Dolphin £35 (18) 1/2 Price Line Rental Free Gift: 16 months 1/2 price or Free Canon Camcorder or Free iPod Nano + Tubes or Free TomTom One or Free Xbox 360 Unfortunately they can't port my current phone number from an existing orange contract, but that can from another network's pay as you go service. My plan is to move my current contract to a PAYG SIM on another network, then port it back to a new orange contract with MoDaCo shop. My concern is that some service providers may have a minimum time frame which I need to stay on PAYG before I port the number elsewhere. Does anyone know of a PAYG service which has no minimum time span, so I can port my number straight away? Thanks, Chris.
  2. All my contacts are in the one list in outlook. When I first connect the phone to activesync it briefly flashes up with the 157 items to copy, but they don't appear on the handset. It's all a bit strange!
  3. I've just got my hands on a c600, but it's driving me up the wall. Activesync only seems to copy 68 of my 157 contacts to the handset, typically it's not copied numbers of the people I call the most! Has anyone had similar problems, or know a way to get it working? I'm running ActiveSync 4.1 and Outlook 2003. Many thanks, Chris.
  4. I think GAME have the COD2 special edition going to £24.98 in their Jan sale. Not a bad price on the high street!
  5. The server hosting the questionnaire went down yesterday, but it should be up and running again now. Although they've lost 70 of my results, which i'm rather upset about :evil: The typo's been fixed too!
  6. I’m currently writing my product design, as part of this study I have chosen to investigate the application of fluid cooling technologies in computer systems, with the intent of designing new innovative products for computing enthusiasts. In order to gain an insight into the current market I have constructed a questionnaire to identify current trends and the rate of adoption. I would be grateful therefore if you could spare a few minutes to fill in the survey, it can be found here; http://FreeOnlineSurveys.com/rendersurvey.asp?id=118049 If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me at [email protected] Thanks, Chris Phelps
  7. I've seen all manner of screen corruptions / lockups caused by overheating GFX cards. Has the fan packed up on it? It it making any odd noises? It may be worth replacing the HSF, cheaper than a new CAD based gfx card!
  8. If you liked that, you'll like this.... http://resources.bravenet.com/scripts_arch.../mouse_effects/
  9. my e200 does that with my mp3's on my MMC too! Sometimes it starts 'stuttering' on tracks too.
  10. a nice little trick is to hold down the 'green button' to activate speakerphone mode, it's pretty useful in clubs where there's loud music.
  11. all is fine in nottingham!
  12. purple carrot for me! how odd.
  13. yes - i'm strange and sitting here holding my blue spanner.
  14. there were some women there, but they were getting undressed in the cubes. i don't think they'd appreciate me photographing them!
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