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  1. What is this Magneto "Dogfood" program ? :D Can I have some "Dogfood" please? :D
  2. What about SMS texting? Surely, u need the stylus to type text messages. Since Moto thinks 32mb is just fine for the Mpx :s , this phone is my next choice.
  3. Maverick

    Googlism ?

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  4. Congrats !!! And welcome to the world of sleepless nights !! :lol:
  5. Great show.. Ashley. U have been like a guardian angel to so many Smartphone users. Congrats.. and keep it up.. More Smartphone models, more users ... more questions to answer ^_^
  6. Congrats !! PS: I do hope u still get the time to Unlock future Smartphones :)
  7. MSN messenger?? Didnt get the connection here..
  8. Ah... always nice to see a happy ending :)
  9. oi.. Dont use one of my first threads in Modaco for some random chit chat :) heh heh.. :nostalgic:
  10. I should start patenting my ideas.. even though I can never ever convert those ideas into reality :)
  11. Just remove the main battery cover... u can see the CMOS battery rite at bottom (i.e on the SPV E200). U still have to take the phone apart to change it tho :)
  12. Heh heh.. I tried going one step forward... Tried to play streaming audio over GPRS onto my car stereo... The problem is that the GPRS radio signal creates some interference ... the speakers bleep :)
  13. Ah.. thats good. Unfortunately, none of the GSM providers here give a public ip on their GPRS access points :) . Have you tried fiddling with Data connections>Edit Connections>VPN Connections>New... I presume u can try entering the password every time u connect using the token. Sounds a bit silly, but worth a try.
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