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  1. I tried changing roms to see if I could get it to work better. As the rom was updating, it said there was an error about 10% of the way through. Now when I try to turn on my phone, it's just a gray screen. I can't even get into the bootloader - just the gray screen. Tell me the truth, I've ruined my phone, right?
  2. I just got a used T-Mobile SDA and I'm having trouble with the wireless interent. I'm currently using an unofficial WM6 rom, but the same thing happens with the default ROM. I can connect to the router no problem and I get an IP address. That's fine. The problem is I often can't connect to the net with it. When I try getting to any web page, it'll just say "Locating" for a while and then give up. I can't even browse to the router's web page. The thing is, sometimes I can just toggle the wifi on and off a couple times and it'll start working. Since it's sporadic, I really don't know how to test it. I also don't have ready access to other wireless networks.

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