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  1. I see. Imput Method Framework is the framework of software keyboards. And I'm interested in IME for using Japanese naturally with English devices. FYI, I use JSandBox, my tool in Market, to input text in portlait view. It's supported English fling input, and copy texts to clipboard B)
  2. If you need the others .bin files, you can sepalate from DXHG4 updater. TOC, table of contents, is the last 32 bytes of DXHG4 updater. FYI, in the 1st version of DXHG4 updater for XP, ---------start-----length eboot---0001C000 0014D647 pda-----00169647 07A8CF9B custom-07BF65E2 0074C000 Phone--083425E2 0102A000 ATTENTION: There are two version of DXHG4 updater for XP at least. You should check the TOC and decide the locations of .bin yourself.
  3. Thank you. I sent i900DXHH1_PDA_updater_xp.exe to Paul. Good Night. :D
  4. Thanks, iazmin and Paul. I'll start to make the updater.
  5. Yes, I would make a executable updater to avoid the beginner's error. If I confirm your permission, I'm ready to do it. Can I get .raw files?
  6. Maybe, I can reconstruct an executable updater from .raw files in a few days. But ..., please read below; http://www.modaco.com/index.php?act=announ...;f=342&id=1
  7. DXHG4, 4th version of Jul. 2008, released early Aug. But we shuld think that DXHH1 is a release version or not. If DXHH1 is a release version, it will be online in a month.
  8. It's here; http://www.modaco.com/content/samsung-i780...toggle-command/ :D
  9. Most simply way, 1. Find i900DX+NULL(0000h) as UTF-16 in DXHG4 Updater, using a binary editor. 2. Change i900DX to suit for your Software Version, i.e. i900XX. 3. Update normaly.
  10. Thank you for your convenient list. FYI, chgFingerMouse for SGH-i780 works with OMNIA, too.
  11. I made an small tool that only toggle Finger Mouse Mode between 4-way and Mouse. You can change the mode immediately with this. I'm using this assign to Camera Button. :D Thanks. chgFingerMouse001.zip
  12. Thank you for the very useful tool, Phil_UK. ;) I translated the setup front end program to Japsnese, and re-packaged it. KaiserNotification_JP.cab
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