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  1. IMO I would flash a ROM that already contains the latest update (v1.3.1). I would anticipate that there are probably not going to be any further updates for a mark 1 HUDL so this shouldn't pose a problem in the future, But, if you would like the possibility of being able to install any future updates should any be released then I would flash a completely STOCK ROM (no root etc). anyhow, I have previously written a guide on how to flash a ROM using Windows 7 and provided 3 x variations for your flashing pleasure:- I hope this helps http://www.modaco.com/topic/372551-stock-hudl-rom-for-windows-rktools17-latest-available-rom-v131-build-jdq3920140424153851/
  2. Here you go:- http://www.dropbox.com/s/qreeot21ghs56sm/Missing%20APKs.zip Please let me know if I have missed any APK's that you need as my PDF reader is strangely cropping and cutting off the right side of your PDF. Let me know when youve downloaded the zip so I can remove from Dropbox. *EDIT* Have you thought about backing up all your apps/settings with Titanium Backup Root, Flashing the stock rom, then restore the titanium backup?
  3. I'm sorry I have no idea. If i were you I would create a backup of your current set up then flash one of these images to find out...Peace in the knowledge that you had made a backup to revert back to if needed. Maybe someone else with more experience could answer this question?
  4. Scrolling is most definitely improved, I've just tried the soft touch approach and I can concur its not your imagination.
  5. I'm sure you can tell by the subject of this thread that I was initially a little bit sceptical about this fix, but what do you know....I think it actually works! Oh dear I've just tempted fate. I've used my Hudl extensively from 6pm to 12 both Sunday and Monday (yesterday) and from 6pm to the moment of writing this post now......I've not had one single screen freeze, random screen presses or lagging key presses and I used to get them a lot. The only thing I experienced last night was a bout of double key presses on the qwerty when I clearly only pressed once. I don't think that's too bad at all, given most of my Android devices do this now and again. Overall I'm impressed and very happy that I don't have to take Hudl number two back to Tesco. I love my Hudl once again :)
  6. Yes, it worked for me on win 7 pro x64, have you installed all drivers correctly before using Kingo method?
  7. See this link for driver install under win 7 x64 http://www.modaco.com/topic/372551-stock-hudl-rom-for-windows-rktools17-latest-available-rom-v131-build-jdq3920140424153851/
  8. IMG ROM files for windows users are now Live http://www.modaco.com/topic/372551-stock-hudl-rom-for-windows-rktools17-latest-available-rom-v131-build-jdq3920140424153851/
  9. Could a Mod please pin this thread? WINDOWS Users (RKTools17):- Firstly you need to decide which ROM you would like to install, download it, unzip it and keep it somewhere for later:- 1) Complete Stock v1.3.1 (Big thanks to CaptainMidnight for providing this rom) mirror available here. or 2) Rooted Stock v1.3.1 (This is the same as the complete stock ROM above (1) but it was rooted with the Kingo app) or finally 3) Rooted + ClockworkMod Recovery Stock v1.3.1 (This is the same as the ROM above (2) but the standard recovery has been replaced with ClockwordMod Recovery v6.0.3.1) Please note: All These ROMS contain the [T] button and associated Bloat How to install Windows 7 64 bit or 32 bit drivers & Flash a ROM (Drivers DO NOT work on Windows 8):- 1) Make sure your Hudl is booted and USB debugging is enabled under "Settings>Developer Options". If you dont have "Developer Options" under "Settings" then do the following:- Open "Settings>About Tablet", keep repeatedly pressing on "Build Number" until you get a notification that you are now a Developer. "Developer Options" has now been unlocked and visible under "Settings". 2) Download these Files ABD.zip & rktools17.zip, then extract them to respective folders on your desktop. 3) Now plug in your Hudl to a USB2 port (not a USB HUB nor a USB3 port) to install the drivers, Windows will attempt to install 3 drivers but one of the drivers will fail, dont worry, look inside the folder where you extracted ADB.zip and run "AdbDriverInstaller.exe", once run you can see the failed driver reported in the programs window, so highlight it and then click on "Install". 4) Start a command window on the ADB folder (Right click + Shift on the "ADB Folder">Command Shell Here or CMD). 5) Type the following command then press the enter key, this will put the Hudl into Bootloader mode:- adb reboot bootloader Windows will now try and fail to install another driver. You have to manually install/update this driver via Device manager in windows, point device manager to the previously extracted zip folder "\rktools17\RockusbDriver\x64\win7". If your windows installation is the 32 bit version then point device manager to the alternative x86 folder. IE: "\rktools17\RockusbDriver\x86\win7". The driver should be called "Rock USB Device" when installed correctly. 6) Now that all drivers are installed correctly we can flash the ROM:- right Click on "RKBatchTool.exe" and "run as Administrator". The app loads and you should see a green square on the bottom left indicating the Hudl is connected. Click on the 3 dots to load the "IMG" file of your choice , then click on "Restore" to flash this IMG file. Progress percentage is reported in rktools and your Hudl will re-boot automatically. Enjoy v1.3.1 Linux Users please see Post #56 in this Thread
  10. I made an IMG ROM using this exact method but didn't want to post as I wasn't sure what should be put in the config files, I don't think it matters does it? I'm currently uploading my converted Linux backups to dropbox for all us micro$haft minions, it's going to take 4 hrs so I'm off to bed will post in a new thread tomorrow
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